Best Boutique Hotels In New York

7 Best Boutique Hotels In New York

If you are looking for a hotel that stays true to its local culture in the city of New York, stop
your endless search because this article will show you the best location to go once you visit
New York, whether as a tourist or local looking for the safety in these hotels.

Below are the seven best boutique hotels in New York:

7 Best Boutique Hotels In New York

1: Arlo Soho
2: Public Hotel-New York
3: Bryant Park Hotel
4: The Kimberly Hotel
5: Ace Hotel New York
6: Casablanca Hotel
7: Sanctuary Hotel New York

Best Boutique Hotels In New York

1. Arlo Soho

A hotel built in a great location which is just a couple of distance walk from two subway
stations and the Hudson River if you want to go there. The rooms here are very small with
great amenities and aesthetics. The mattresses are comfortable, sheets and linen tops are
clean, all allowing for a good night sleep.

Also, the rooms’ layout is thoughtful and efficient. They also have a courtyard room where
music is being played around 7-8 AM daily to bring in those from the outside. The food and
rooftop bar have great options to enjoy the views with a nice cocktail.

The staff are friendly and accommodating and always notice everything that will make their
patrons comfortable. Visiting this place is worth being treated like royalty.

Location: Hudson Street, New York

Budget: $130

Business hours: 24 hours service

2. Public Hotel-New York

This hotel is beautifully designed, clean with minimal functionality. The rooms are elegant
and very clean. Staff are very helpful and friendly; the check-in staff, the rooftop elevator
attendant, the storage locker staff, maintenance staff, all were welcoming, friendly and polite.

The experience starts upon arrival. The exterior is super crisp and the moment you step inside
it’s a whole vibe, with sultry tones and scents of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

The ambiance has plenty of places for a quick Photoshoot! The rooms are allergy free and
fully air conditioned. There is always evening entertainment, offers free WiFi, parking lot and
fitness centre. Make sure you book your next trip to the public.

Location: Chrystie Street, New York

Budget: $300

Business hours: 24 hours service

3. Bryant Park Hotel

This charming hotel offers you everything you need to stay comfortable within their wings.
The customer service is excellent and professional. The moment you walk in, you get treated
as the most important person to them.

The rooms are spacious, extremely clean and have big bathrooms. The housekeepers also
work tirelessly to make sure the rooms are looking spotless. The hotel also has a beautiful
lower level bar where you can enjoy your cocktail and great music.

This location is perfect for walking to many great spots in New York city, and there are also
many wonderful places to eat and explore right in the park. This place is a great value without
compromising on quality.

Location: 40th Street, New York

Budget: $500-$700

Business hours: 24 hours service

4. Best Boutique Hotels In New York: The Kimberly Hotel

A terrific location with plenty of dining options within a short walk. There’s a bar with
outdoor seating on the 30th floor which is sometimes busy. The bedroom suites are well
appointed, lovely and comfortable, furnished with antique style.

The breakfast buffet is pretty standard. The staffs are incredible, courteous and helpful. There
are two restaurants in the lobby and a large saltwater aquarium. The Looby is old and
traditional but it’s still in good shape. The property offers a bar/lounge, patio, breakfast buffet,
night club and many more.

One unique thing about the Kimberly is that when you go by the name Kimberly, the hotel
gives out a plush bathrobe with the “Kimberly” monogram on it, to appreciate the namesake.

Location: East 50th Street, New York

Budget: $400-$600

Business hours: 24 hours service

5. Ace Hotel New York

When you hear people compliment the Ace Hotel, you should be thinking of the clean spa,
great beds with soft pillows and sparkling linings, awesome water pressure and the friendly
staff which makes this place an ideal safe hotel to visit.

The hotel itself is gorgeous and super clean. The location is prime with coffee shops and
breakfast spots within a minute walk. If you are travelling solo, I know what you prioritise
most is safety which this great hotel provides for you. The staff there are amazing, patient and
friendly to answer any complaints or questions you may have for them.

The rooms are allergy free rooms, fully air conditioned, satellite TV. While the property
offers free WiFi, 24 hours security and check in.

Location: 29th Street Broadway, New York

Budget: $59 $110

Business hours: 24 hours daily

6. Casablanca Hotel

This is a perfect location for you to spend time in the theater District. The decor is homey,
elegant and “Casablanca”and has a great Italian restaurant attached to it. The rooms here are
large, comfortable, well appointed with a very large bathroom, quality bed, linen, pillows and
every other thing to make your stay comfortable.

The staff are warm and welcoming which makes everyone feel safe, feel at home and work
on every customer’s needs. The Concierge are always extremely helpful with dinner
recommendations, which includes making few reservations while you are away for

Their Café, Rick’s Café offers continental breakfast and snacks all day long. Make sure you
visit this place and recommend it to friends and family.

Location: West 43rd Street, New York

Budget: $400-$600

Business hours: 24 hours service

7. Sanctuary Hotel New York

A perfect location to access New York city with ease. The hotel is clean, decorated
beautifully and comfortable. The rooms are of good size, with big comfortable beds, a good
shower, allergy free, fully air conditioned,with blackout curtains and any maintenance needed
was done immediately.

Hotel has a night club vibe to it with doormen, dark rooms, several restaurants and bars, and
party music in the elevators. It definitely is great for couples only.

The property amenities offer: Free WiFi, paid private parking, free breakfast, rooftop terrace,
complimentary welcome drink, bar/lounge, happy hour, laundry and cleaning service, 24
hours front desk and security.

Location: West 47th Street, New York

Budget: $300-$500

Business hours: 24 hours service


These hotels offer safety which is the number reason everyone visiting puts first before the
meals and enjoyment. When next you are visiting, make sure to invite your friends and
family to spend some quality time together in these locations in New York city.

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