Best Budget Hotels in New York

7 Best Budget Hotels in New York

Visiting New York City for the first time and wondering where to have a fair experience with your money?

Worry less,the city of New York is filled with beautiful and exotic hotels that will appeal to your sense of humour.

Below, you’ll be taken through the best budget hotels in the City of New York 

7 Best Budget Hotels in New York

1: The Red Coach Inn

2:  Watkins Glen Hotel

3:  Hampton Inn

4:  Opera House

5: Wyndham Garden Buffalo

6:  Comfort Inn & Suites 

7: Pod 39 Hotel

Best Budget Hotels in New York

1: The Red Coach Inn

A British style restaurant, located in a perfect area and easily walkable to the bridge of Niagara River. Their rooms are well laid, spacious, clean and very functional, and as usual, their staff are friendly, prompt and professional. 

The properties have a lot to offer their patrons like: charging their Tesla motors for free while they enjoy their stay at the hotel, Free WiFi for everyone to access the internet, Free breakfast, restaurant and meeting room. 

The rooms are fully air conditioned that are equipped with telephone, coffee maker, flat screen TV, bathrobes and plenty of complementary toiletries. 

The complementary meals you should try out includes: cheese, crackers, strawberries, sparkling wine.

You should visit this hotel to have a wonderful view of the Niagara falls through the rapids to enjoy your stay.

Location: Niagara falls, New York

Budget : $167-$331

Business hours:

04:00 pm – 11: 00 am

2: Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel 

A four diamond rated hotel for its recognition with stylish and refined accommodation, high level of service and attention to details. 

The hotel is beautifully decorated from the outside to the inside as it is well maintained and spotless. There are several seating areas outside the building to enjoy the lake view, some of the seating areas have gas pit fire in the evening which is surrounded by comfortable Adirondack chairs. 

Their rooms are large, fully air conditioned and equipped with amenities you can use to make sure your stay at the hotel is comfortable. 

The properties offer: free WiFi, free parking lot, fitness centre, water sport equipment rental, electric vehicles charging station, happy hour time with breakfast included.

Some of their meals you should try includes: spicy fried chicken, eggs, English cheese muffins. This hotel has a lot to offer you as a patron to make your stay more comfortable, whenever you visit New York city, make sure to check them out. 

Location : Franklin St, Watkins Glen, New York 

Budget: $185-$345

Business hours :  24 hours service 

3:. Hampton Inn – New York 

The location of this hotel is just a walking distance from the Niagara falls state park. The hotel staff try their best to get their customers satisfied with the service they offer. The rooms are of modern decor, spacious, clean while the beds there a of large size making you have a wonderful sleep.

They offer you continental breakfast with eggs, yoghurt, waffles, oatmeal, meats, pastries, and different fruits options you can choose from, while the properties offer you free WiFi, Parking lot, workout room, laundry room and 24 hours front desk service.

Location: Rainbow Boulevard, New York 

Budget:  $133 – $293

Business hours: 24, hours service 

4:  Opera House Hotel

This building is a beautifully, well maintained and managed building with historical architecture, which is a great find and value for your money which is just two blocks away from the metro station.

The rooms are sound proofed, fully air conditioned,  large, clean, and well equipped with blackout curtains, flat screen TV, shower mini complimentary toiletries, just to mention a few. 

The properties offer 24 hours front desk service, baggage storage, concierge , breakfast buffet and free WiFi. The New York police force are around the area which makes it more safe for their patrons. Their free complimentary continental breakfast like bagels, pastries, coffee, juice, bread.

Location: St Bronx, New York 

Budget: $148-$241

Business hours: 24 hours service 

5:  Wyndham Garden Buffalo

The hotel hospitality is ten over ten. Customer service is fast and efficient. Rooms are spacious, clean and fully air conditioned with blackout curtains, beds are also very comfortable to lay on. They provide shuttle service for their guests which make it a more convenient and greater added bonus making their customers back and forth a seamless experience. The property amenities include: Free WiFi, Concierge, Airport transportation, fitness centre, Convenience store and 24 hours service. 

This hotel is a great value for your money and style preference, do well to check out this hotel.

Location: High Street, Buffalo, New York 

Budget: $132-$190

Business hours: 24 hours service 

6:  Comfort Inn & Suites 

Looking for a quiet and comfortable place to stay? As the name implies, Comfort inn is the best place to visit and spend some time in. 

The comfort from the rooms have brought the hotel lots of positive attention and commendations from guests for its spacious rooms and fresh smelling environment. 

The staff are friendly and helpful as it’s very obvious they love their job which makes patrons more comfortable around them, which makes the hotel’s hospitality too of the game. 

Location: Liverpool, New York 

Budget: $110-$151

Opening hours: 

Time to always Check in : 03:00 pm (Lunch time)

Time to always Check out : 11:00 am (Morning)

7: Best Budget Hotels in New York: Pod 39 Hotel

If you are looking out for a fun but friendly place to spend your time in, Pod 39 Hotel is the best place to be. Pod 39 offers you a great friendly travel experience at the epicentre in midtown East.  The rooms there are really comfortable, sound proofed, fully air conditioned and allergy free. 

You can also find a clothes rack, safe, flat screen TV and complimentary toiletries. The hotel’s amenities offer game rooms, rooftop bar, free WiFi, paid private parking lot, bar & lounge, 24 hours front desk service, check-in, security.

The staff are 99% genuinely friendly and helpful. The restaurant sells bagels, yoghurt, pastries, granola and other items at a cheaper rate. I recommend this hotel as it has the cheapest price you could think of.

Location: 39th Street, New York 

Budget: $177-$313

Business hours: 24 hours service 


Still wondering how to navigate through the city of New York to locate any amongst the above detailed hotels? Be sure to keep the hotel’s names in mind and also do well to visit when the next  need arises.

However, all of the above mentioned hotels would render services of royalty to you and quench your thirst for satisfaction.

With rooms and apartments that boast of their standards, getting less for your money is no option.

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