Best Coffee Shops in New York

7 Best Coffee Shops in New York

Are you in for the best experience with coffee? Then New York is the best place to be for a memorable experience like never before.

Morning coffees are non negotiable as they light up your day and keep you active for the day’s activities.

Our list of the top 7 coffee shops in New York City, gives you the best tea and pastry experience specially made with all the love you need to start your day. Read on to find out the best 7 coffee shops in New York.

7 Best Coffee Shops in New York

1.Seven Grams Caffé 

2  Variety Coffee Roaster

3. Birch Coffee

4. La Cafe Coffee

5. 787 Coffee

6. St Kilda Coffee

7. Patent Coffee 

Best Coffee Shops in New York


Seven Grams Caffé offers a variety of flavored coffee, tea, brews and pastries. 

It is popular for its handmade chocolate chip cookies with crunchy surface and melting inner fill. 

Their chocolate chip cookies are rated among the 5 best cookies in New York City.

It also serves a variety of vegan cookies that would leave you craving for more. 

Seven Grams Café is established in multiple outlets across the city. However, we have provided one of the multiple locations in this content to help you find your way. 

Location: Avenue, New York 

Price Range: $1 – $10

Business (Opening) hours: 

Every Mondays – Fridays

7 morning–7 evening

Every Saturdays – Sundays

7:45 morning–7 evening


It emphasizes selecting the freshest coffee as it grows in various seasons. Hence, their menu changes from season to season throughout the year.

Variety coffee roasters source out the freshest crop. It serves and roasts coffee on a daily basis.

It started out as a cafe in a single location but is now established in eight different locations across New York City.

It is known to serve and roast coffee. Among its variety of coffees, their Espresso is the most popular and it is available all year round.

Location: Avenue, New York

Price Range: $1 – $10

Business hours:

Every Mondays – Sundays

7 am – 9 pm


Birch sources their coffees from indigenous growers who can always be traced, for the purpose of maintaining their standard.

Besides being a coffee shop, Birch is a coffee company that offers 100 % organic coffee which is certified by Símbolo de Pequeños Productores (SPP).

It offers freshly roasted Arabica coffee in various blends. 

Birch coffee is also located in multiple outlets in New York but we have provided one of them to enable you easy access.

Location: Avenue, New York.

Price Range: $2 -$10

Business hours:

All Mondays – Sundays

7:30 am – 4 pm


La Café is a French Cafe that serves a number of options of coffee or tea and amazing pastries to complement it.

It is established in various strategic locations across the city which makes it easy for La Cafe Coffee lovers to have a taste of its goodness anywhere in New York.

Besides coffee and tea, it serves a number of ice and hot drinks.

La Café Coffee is popular for its coffee blend. It is a blend of ingredients from various countries which include Brazil, Nicaragua, Colombia and Congo. It is a blend of honey and roasted nut flavor.

La cafe coffee is concerned about using the best ingredients and best method to give you the best coffee experience.

Location: Broadway,New York 

Price Range: $1 – $10

Business hours:

Every Mondays – Fridays

7 at day light–7 pm

Every Saturday

8 morning–5:30 pm

Every Sundays

8 am–5 pm

5. 787 COFFEE

787 Coffee serves the most amazing coffee in New York and Puerto Rico. They offer the freshest farm to cup experience when it comes to coffee.

787 coffee grow, process and roast their coffee themselves. This helps them personally monitor every step of their coffee production to give you the best.

It started as a coffee farm in Puerto Rico and has now expanded to multiple locations.

It also offers pastries that you can pair your coffee, tea or drink with.

Location: E 7th St, New York.

Price Range: $1 – $10

Business hours:

Mondays – Sundays

7 in the morning – 8 evening


This is an Australian coffee shop that offers the best coffee options with a variety of pastries.

It has a cozy atmosphere suitable for a date night, sit out with friends or a time out after a hectic day.

It also has amazing facilities for events. 

Location: W 44th St, New York 

Price Range: $1 – $10

Business (Opening) hours:

Mondays – Fridays

7 in the morning –8 evening

Every Saturdays

8 am–8 pm

Every Sundays

8 am–6 pm

7. Best Coffee Shops in New York: PATENT COFFEE 

Patent Coffee is a coffee shop in New York that offers immediate grabs of coffee. 

It is established in the old apartment of Nikola Tesla.

It is a single coffee outlet which offers a variety of coffee, tea and complimentary snacks 

Location: W 27th St, New York

Price Range: $1 – $10

Business hours:

EVery Mondays – Fridays

8:30 morning–4 evening

Every Saturdays – Sundays

9 daybreak–4 pm


This article entails our curated list of the 7 best coffee shops that offers you an opportunity to have a taste of rich coffees that suits your taste bud and satisfies your cravings. Distance would not be a barrier as you can easily buy your coffee online and it will be delivered to your location.

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