Best Colleges In New York

7 Best Colleges In New York

New York houses the best schools where they offer you quality. education, great
research opportunities, which broaden your study. knowledge and a greater
environmental exposure.

In this article, we’ll explore the best colleges in New York, to help you achieve your
academic and career goals in one of the great cities.

Below, are list of the best Colleges in New York:

7 Best Colleges In New York

1: Columbia university
2: Cornell University
3: Barnard College
4: New York University
5: Hamilton College
6: Colgate University
7: Binghamton University

Best Colleges In New York

1. Columbia university

Columbia is highly regarded for their high academic standards, social prestige and selection
of academics before admission. The undergraduate admissions rate is 5.8 percent

Making it the third most selective University in the United States. Columbia University has
been consistently ranking among the top 25 universities for ten years, still counting. The
campus uses a semester based calendar.

The university is subdivided into twenty schools; Undergraduate schools, law schools, with
global research outposts across the world. Its main campus–Morningside Heights occupies
six blocks which houses a neo-classical library and twenty four undergraduate homes.

Location: Broadway Street, New York

Acceptance Rate: 4%

Application Fee: $85

Tuition fee: $65,600

2. Cornell University

A co-educational citadel of learning highly regarded for their high educational standards and
their social prestige was founded in 1862. It was the first American university to be divided
into colleges where they offer different degrees.

With about six locations across the world, while its main campus in Ithaca, New York, covers
2300 acres of the finger lakes region and is so wide that students who love to hike can go
hiking without leaving the school premises. The institution strives to provide research and
public engagement opportunities.

It follows a semester based calendar while English is the official language of instruction.

Location: Ithaca, New York

Acceptance Rate: 7%

Application Fee: $80

Tuition fee: $66,020

3. Barnard College

A four year programme private university, making it the first school in New York, offering a
degree to women, has a total undergraduate enrollment of 3442. In partnership with

Columbia university, the students there have great access to a great number of resources
provided by both schools through sporting and extracurricular activities.

Barnard offers its students 50 areas of study in the Bachelor of Arts degree programme,
where students can also decide to double major and design their own customised major. It
makes use of a semester-based academic calendar.

Location:Broadway, New York

Acceptance Rate: 9%

Application Fee: $75

Tuition fee: $66,250

4. New York University

A private university in New York, is one of the largest degree awarding institutions in the
world. For easier accessibility of courses and programs, the university has focused on
differentiating colleges and schools of every course available. They follow a semester based
calendar while their official language of instruction is English.

New York University aims to retain and attract excellent departments by motivating them to
create courses that bring out the most outstanding amongst their students while students can
also learn from other faculties who are experts in their fields while shaping an intellectual
environment for both the students and faculty within and beyond classroom setting.

Based in New York City, New York University has campuses in Manhattan and Brooklyn,
with the main buildings around Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. The tuition
fee for both local and international students are the same, just as housing is available for both
graduates and undergraduates.

Location: New York

Acceptance Rate: 12 %

Application Fee: $80

Tuition fee: $60,450

5. Hamilton College

Originally named the Hamilton-Oneida Academy, is a private liberal arts and coeducational
institution, having joined hands with its sister Kirkland college. The School curriculum offers
57 areas of study including 44 double majors, where students can design their own area of

The institution lay more emphasis on critical thinking and communication skills which
students must complete. Those struggling to meet up with academics get to work with
advisors, helping them develop personal educational goals, made possible by the college’s
high faculty-to-student ratio.

When students aren’t studying, they can participate in campus events.

Location: College Hill Road,New York

Acceptance Rate:12 %

Application Fee: $65

Tuition fee: $65,800

6. Colgate University

Colgate University is one among the 100 most selective universities and colleges in the
United States. With an average class size of about 16 students, Colgate offers over 50
majors, following a semester based calendar.

The residential campus guarantees every student, campus housing throughout their stay on
This great citadel of learning encourages their students to be deep thinkers while preparing
them as a global leader who will thrive well and engage meaningfully in their respective

Location: Hamilton,New York

Acceptance Rate: 12%

Application Fee: $60

Tuition fee: $67,100

7. Best Colleges In New York: Binghamton University

Binghamton is considered one of the Public Ivies, a title the school takes very seriously.
Binghamton challenges students academically, not financially, in its own unique, best

Also known for its sustainable efforts, it has ranked as one of the best schools to enrol in New
York. The university has a lot of research centres making it a major research institute.

The surroundings is a large span of land with a mix of modern and traditional buildings that
are of educational standard.

Location: East Vestal Parkway,New York

Acceptance Rate: 42%

Application Fee: $70

Tuition fee: $45,200


New York has some of the best colleges in the country, you can go study. Just as Cornell
University is known for its wide range of studies. The State University of New York (SUNY)
system, Binghamton, offers excellent public education.

Overall, New York’s colleges provide great options for many different interests and goals.

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