Best Dining in New York

7 Best Dining in New York

Still not sure where to spend your money to get that value for your money? 

We are here to help you make your thoughts so easy by going through this article of the best dining locations in New York city.

Below is a list of the carefully selected dinings in New York city:

7 Best Dining in New York

1: The Jungsik – New York 

2: Daniel Restaurant 

3: The Modern

4: Craft

5: Gallagher Steak House 

6: Per Se

7: Le Bernardin

Best Dining in New York

1:  The Jungsik – New York

A Korean restaurant with two Michelin stars, where its cooking style is a mix of Korean and French which makes their meals worth trying. The meals there are outstanding, quality and creatively presented and the wines selected by the sommelier is an excellent mix. The staff there are friendly, knowledgeable and make everyone feel comfortable around them.

These meals are what you should try out when you are there; sea urchin bibimbap, black cod with clam foam, dessert, mackerel, uni, wagyu, perilla macaron and shiahito pepper, just to mention a few.

It’s going to be an expensive outing but trust me, it’s worth every penny, if you are ready for an unforgettable dining experience. 

Location: Harrison Street, New York 

Budget: $50-$160 

Opening hours:

Mondays through to Thursdays(from 5:30 PM (evening) -10:30 pm (Late Evening) 

Fridays through to Saturday 5:00 PM (evening) -10:40 PM (evening) 

2:  Daniel Restaurant

There’s always a Daniel when there is a feeling to celebrate. The Daniel team are just professionals when it comes to taking care of their customers’ taste buds. 

The French themed restaurant deserves its Michelin stars which is a fantastic way to encourage them to do well in their hospitality industry, as their food presentation is always colourful, eye-catching and beautiful to behold.

Their tasting meals are innovative and delicious, most especially when taken with their fine mix of wines pairing. The meals  are vegetarian friendly, gluten free and vegan options. 

You should try out:  the tuna dish, white Cosmo with orchid ice cubes, tilefish, vichyssoise, sea bass, striploin and many other things on their menu.

This place should be your go to place for a special night eating out for a wonderful dining experience. 

Location: East 65th Street, New York 

Budget: $100-$400

Opening hours:

Sundays to Saturdays 5:00 pm (Evening)-10:00 pm (Late Evening) 

3: The Modern

A two star American restaurant where patrons keep their expectations high to foods that meet the exact texture and taste, as every bite you take is quite thoughtful and imaginative. 

The restaurant ambience was top notch. The staff there are very helpful and attentive to details, knowing exactly what and what to serve each customer.  The sommelier cannot be overlooked as they help you to choose the best wine you can take with your meals.

Their service is excellent as they make you feel like royalty with their nice decor and innovative delicacies.  Make sure to try out the pea soup, rhubarb mille feuille, truffle, gnocchi, carb, green curry starter, lobster tagliolini, banana pudding tarts.

If you are visiting New York city for the best dining experience, the Modern is sure to deliver.

Location: St Museum Of Modern Art, New York 

Budget: $108-$228

Business opening hours:

Mondays – Saturdays  11:30 AM (morning) -2:00 pm (Evening) 

5:00 pm (Evening)  – 9:00 pm (Late Evening)  

4:  Craft

Another Michelin star restaurant with amazing food preparation and presentation that makes your mouth water for more. Crafts offer you an American style of interesting and delicious dishes. The staff there are Friendly, approachable and always ready to help lighten up your mood. Their diets are vegetarian friendly, gluten free and vegan options.

You should try out some of their amazing food like brown butter sage sauce, smashed pasta, squashed soup, hamachi crudo, chicken, Brussels, short rib, cheese , risotto, soufflé, pavlova, and arugula salad.

Whether it’s an occasion or just to experience fine dining, the Craft is where you are.

Location: 19th Street, New York 

Budget: $35 – $80

Business opening hours:

Sundays-Thursdays 5:00 pm (Evening)  -9:00 pm (Late Evening) 

Friday-Saturday 5:00 pm (Evening)  -9:30 pm (Late Evening)  

5:  Gallagher Steak House 

A multimillion dollar restaurant with two Michelin stars in the big city of New York where its team work produces a greater advantage to fill people’s bellies. The environment and indoor decor speaks of class.

The staff are attentive without overbearing while showing readiness to help with orders. They offer free WiFi, private dining and reservations.  

You should try out these foods whenever you pay a visit to the restaurant: fillet mignon, salmon, steak, smokehouse bacon, chipotle pineapple glaze, mashed potatoes  dessert and sirloin, cheese cake, lobster, bread,  

Location: 52nd Street, New York 

Budget: $50-$80 

Opening hours:

Sunday through to Thrusday 11:45 AM (morning) -10:00 pm (Late Evening) 

Fridays to Saturdats 11:45 AM (morning)-11:00 pm (Late Evening)  

6:  Per Se

A three Michelin stars restaurant that is worth every special dining journey, where every patron is treated like royalty. 

The ambience of this modern American style French restaurant, customer service, and the food are just amazing.  The sommelier is knowledgeable and helps you with selecting the best blend of wine that goes with your choice of meals. 

They make sure to cater for any of your dietary restrictions making you feel special. It has retained its Michelin three stars over the years by their exceptional service, fantastic tasting menus, and wonderful dining experience. 

The restaurant food highlights are oysters, chicken, pearls, lambs, dessert, and tuna.

The restaurant is not cheap but worth your penny if you want that fabulous dining experience. 

Location: Columbus Cir 4th Floor, New York 

Budget: $28-$130

Business opening hours:

Sundays – Saturdays 4:30 pm (Evening) – 8:30 pm (Late Evening)  

7:  Best Dining in New York: Le Bernardin

A three star experience restaurant to explore innovation and creativity in food preparation. 

The teams are a blend of warmth, attentiveness, professionalism and dedication which makes it a lesser stuffy restaurant experience. Every question you asked is carefully answered with detailed information as with the dish.  The sommelier also gives you the best detailed information about the wines and why each wine is paired with your choice of food.

The seafood items are always fresh as every dish has a unique flavour accompanied with wine which complements each other greatly.

These are some of the foods to try: Hamachi Sashimi, tuna, kampachi, fluke, artichoke, white asparagus fillet mignon, pasta and red snapper.

Location: 51st Street, New York 

Budget: $45-$90

Business Opening hours:

Mondays-Thursdays  12 pm -2:30 PM

5:00 pm (Evening)  – 10:30 pm (Late Evening) 

Fridays-Saturdays 12:00 pm (Evening) -2:30 pm (Late Evening) 

5:00 pm (Evening) -11:00 pm (Late Evening) 


Now that you have gone through the list above, showing you the carefully selected dinings location. It’s time to be on the move to pay these restaurants a visit. 

I assure you these places are worth your time, money and effort for a tasty dining experience.

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