Best Discos in New York

7 Best Discos in New York

If you are looking for a club and disco location to enjoy yourself after the day’s work, as the word implies: there is time for everything, where one of them is for enjoyment, which is why I have selected the best of the Discos in New York.

In this article, I will take you through the virtual journey of knowing which is best according to your budget and style preference.

Below are a list of the 7 Best Discos in New York 

7 Best Discos in New York

1:  Cafe Wha?

2:  Joe’s Pub

3: Webster Hall – New York

4:  Terminal 5

5:  Paradise club 

6:  The Delancey

7:  Rumpus Room 

7 Best Discos in New York

1:  Cafe Wha? 

This disco club is a place for music and food lovers, where live bands are performed as it offers its patrons unforgettable experiences.

The live band sets the moods of patrons high with their soulful voice, that keeps patrons coming back for more. Their funky night is made of great talented musicians giving the whole classic vibes. The music is consistently outstanding as you never know who is performing the very night or next. As the night goes on, it began to feel more like a party than a club. 

It offers two hours of entertainment which is fun. Beyond the live band entertainment, their customer service is friendly and welcoming, making sure that every of their guests feels welcomed to value. 

Cafe Wha Is a great place to be for entertainment, scrumptious meals or having a fun time with friends.

Location: MacDougall Street, New York

Budget: £30 and above 

Business hours:

Tuesday 7:30 PM -11:00 PM 

Wednesday 6:00 PM -12:30 AM 

Thursday – Saturday 6:00 PM  -1:30 AM 

2: Joe’s Pub

This place is a great place of art where art is expressed through music and meals. 

The food and  service are consistently above average and the drinks are flavourful and strong. They have a good performance space with a good lobby. 

Enjoy yourself in the enchanting environment while enjoying the meals which were carefully made with passion and accuracy.

Their customer service is always on point, showing commitment to every of their customers’ visits, making it a memorable one for them.

If you are a first timer or a frequent customer, you must always find something to love about this club and be moved by the live entertainment and delicious dishes.

Location: Lafayette Street, New York 

Budget: £40 and above 

Business hours:

Monday – Saturday 6:00 PM -1:00 AM 

3: Webster Hall – New York

This is a great place to go see a live concert and it also holds a nightclub. The environment is great as well as the acoustics.  The drinks there are expensive which is expected of any New York concert bar place. The security there is of greater help to curb disturbing patrons. 

The main room holds about 1500 including the wrap around balcony. It has three rooms that usually host their own events. The main room has the stage with the second floor — VIP balcony section. 

The floor area has no seats — standing venue– and it can be a little rowdy but you will definitely enjoy the music. This is an iconic location for every music and nightlife lover. Webster Hall staff are super friendly and helpful ensuring their customers an unforgettable night out.

So, if you are a new customer or a frequent visitor to the Webster Hall, you are definitely getting a new experience unlike other clubs in New York city.

Location: 11th Street, New York 

Budget: £30 and above 

Business hours:

Monday – Wednesday 12:00 PM  -10:00 PM 

Thursday – Saturday 12:00 PM – 4:00 AM 

4: Terminal 5

If you want to experience great acoustics and be closer to one of your favourite live band artists or group, Terminal 5 is where you should be. 

Musician like Raphael Saadiq, who is a great artist and composer of R & B performs at this great location. S, if you are a fan of Raphael Saadiq, being up close to him will be a great feeling and opportunity for you.

Terminal 5 hosts chart topping artists with different performances to serve its different audience. With attentive staff and modern amenities,Terminal 5 ensures a fantastic and enjoyable experience for all patrons. 

If you are a first timer, Terminal 5 promises an unforgettable night of music and excitement.

Location: 56th Street, New York 

Budget: £50 

Business hours:

Monday – Sunday 6:00 PM -1:00 AM

5: Paradise Club 

It’s a unique theatrical experience, the moment you walk in. The place is full of talented people that make you feel like you are in a super exclusive club and you get a real 70’s disco vibe which makes the whole place way cooler. 

From the opening act to the end of the performance, it’s pure entertainment in which you will find yourself dancing away to the tunes. 

The visuals and acrobatics are stunning,  making it feel like a visual paradise. The whole evening at the paradise club is a perfectly curated experience from the food they offer to the drinks and service. Excellent customer service.

If you are thinking of hosting. Party or want a night out experience, paradise club is where you should be for the shows and paparazzi. 

Location: 20 Times Square, New York 

Budget: £100 and above 

Business hours:

Fridays – Saturdays  11:00 PM (Evening)-4:00 AM (Morning)

6:  The Delancey

A great bar for Latin music lovers in New York city, where the crowds there a very versed and knew all the songs being played.

There are three floors in The Delancey. Each floor with different vibes. Bottom floor on Fridays is always lit. Main floor plays a lot of pop music, while the top floor is always loungy.  The rooftop is also amazing where you can chill and relax and hold great conversation.

The Raggaeton Friday in the club is always lit which everyone looks forward to every Friday.  

Saturdays are the best time to be there before 10PM. 

The waitresses there are kind and friendly ensuring a memorable night out for everyone.

You should check out this location and experience a lasting impression. 

Location: Delancey Street, New York 

Budget: £30 and above 

Business hours:

Thursdays 5:00 PM (evening) -12:00 AM (Mid night)

Fridays through to Sundays 5:00 PM – 4:00 AM 

7:  Rumpus Room 

A perfect place to host different occasions whether a special occasion, private party or birthday party. It comes with plenty of space to dance and mingle with Private bar. 

Rumpus management, Gabriel is the most helpful when it comes to accomodating and planning when you have any kind of party to host. The music playlist is mostly Pop, hip-hop, throwback and everything in between.  

The staff there are helpful and accommodating, as they go the extra mile to make sure you feel special.  The bartender is super nice making sure you have everything you need. Drinks are reasonably priced but you are sure to get the best night out experience.

Location: Eldridge Street, New York 

Budget: £50-£100

Business hours:

Friday – Saturday 10:00 (Late Evening) PM – 4:00 (Evening) PM 


Now that you already know which is best for your budget, kindly make your own research before you go ahead. 

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