Best Hotels In Soho New York

7 Best Hotels In Soho New York

New York gives you the best places to lay your head to rest while enjoying the comfortability
and safety it provides. In this article, I will show you the best hotels in Soho, New York
where you can also get reasonably priced hotels with the perfect location, views and

Here is a list of the best hotels in New York:

7 Best Hotels In Soho New York

1: Soho Grand Hotel
2: Arlo Soho
3: Hotel Hugo
4: The PUBLIC Hotel
5: Modernhaus Soho
6: Pod 51 Hotel
7: Park Central Hotel

Best Hotels In Soho New York

1. Soho Grand Hotel

Located in the centre of Soho, is the most quintessential and chic style building. The location
is super convenient to the best restaurants and shops. Starting from the front desk team,
making sure your check-in is seamless and flawless. The staff at the hotel are friendly and

The rooms are beautifully put together, with comfortable beds and linens, marble in charming
bathrooms, unique cabinetry and a super fun snack tray! The towels, beds and linens left a
lasting impression. It’s wonderful when a hotel pays attention to these details, especially after
a long day exploring New York City.

The rooms also have great views and get plenty of light which is exceptionally rare for NYC.
It’s usually a fun scene at night with multiple parties going on. You should recommend it to
friends and family.

Location: West Broadway, New York

Budget: $400-$600

Business hours: 24 hours service

2. Arlo Soho

A hotel built in a great location which is just a couple of distance walk from two subway
stations and the Hudson River if you want to go there. The rooms here are very small with
great amenities and aesthetics.

The mattresses are comfortable, sheets and linen tops are clean, all allowing for a good night
sleep. The rooms’ layout is thoughtful and efficient. They also have a courtyard room where
music is being played around 7-8 AM daily to bring in those from the outside. The food and
rooftop bar have great options to enjoy the views with a nice cocktail.

The staff are friendly and accommodating and always notice everything that will make their
patrons comfortable. Visiting this place is worth being treated like royalty.

Location: Hudson Street, New York

Budget: $130

Business hours: 24 hours service

3. Hotel Hugo

Hotel Hugo offers you an incredible experience starting from the warm reception at the front
desk. The rooms are spacious for New York standard. The rooms are well appointed with

huge beds and soft pillows. They also provide plenty of quality toiletries, and a good amount
of towels.

A reasonably priced hotel with friendly and helpful staff. The café and rooftop terrace is also
a great spot to grab Breakfast and delicious cocktails while enjoying the beautiful views. The
hotel offers an outdoor dining area, Nightclub, shoeshine, laundry and cleaning service and
24 hours front desk and security services.

This place is the best place you should be to unwind after the day’s work.

Location: Greenwich Street, New York

Budget: $300-$500

Business hours: 24 hours service

4. Public Hotel-New York

This hotel is beautifully designed, clean with minimal functionality. The rooms are elegant
and very clean. Staff are very helpful and friendly; the check-in staff, the rooftop elevator
attendant, the storage locker staff, maintenance staff, all were welcoming, friendly and polite.

The experience starts upon arrival. The exterior is super crisp and the moment you step inside
it’s a whole vibe, with sultry tones and scents of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. The ambiance
has plenty of places for a quick Photoshoot! The rooms are allergy free and fully air

There is always evening entertainment, offers free WiFi, parking lot and fitness centre. Make
sure you book your next trip to the PUBLIC.

Location: Chrystie Street, New York

Budget: $300

Business hours: 24 hours service

5. Modernhaus Soho

Known for its stylish ambiance, spotless accommodations, and detailed service. This prime
spot is a hit with guests trooping in and out who want to be free from the daily hustle and
bustle of the city.

My King Studio was outstanding with its wall of windows that afforded an abundance of
natural light and stunning views of the cityscape. Wood floors, beige palette, blue popping
fabrics, working desk area and let’s not forget the wild & crazy mural over the headboard.

The spa-like bath is outfitted with a rain shower and heated floors. The 23 Grand is a
geometry of spaces, an urban oasis with a collage of indoor and outdoor areas, designed for
communal dining activities. The Grand componentry is structured with a glass-enclosed
dining room, a luxe lounge with an accompanying terrace, several outdoor elevated areas and
a private event space.

This eatery serves international flavours with a Mediterranean twist and the menu displays
items such as : Tuna Carpaccio, Cauliflower Steak, Breaded Tilefish, Butternut Squash Soup
and Pappardelle. On the 18th floor is the Jimmy, a rooftop space featuring an outdoor pool
deck and is surrounded by large windows for a panoramic view while sipping cocktails.

So, if you are looking for a hotel that is remarkably different from any other one in NYC,
then try the Modernhaus Soho as the whole vibe sets it apart from the others.

Location: Grand Street, New York

Budget: $400

Business hours: 24 Hours service

6. Pod 51 Hotel

If your expectations focus more on classic style, comfort, and affordable budget, Pod 51
Hotel is your best bet. They offer every room type for various budgets and choices of

The hotel rooms can be very small but are very clean and well designed to create enough
space for you. At the rooftop terrace, you can also have your morning coffee where you can
have a better view of the city.

The hotel staff are friendly and professional making sure you settle in comfortably in the
hotel and enjoy your stay within their wings. It also provides 24 hours check in and security
services, access to free WiFi , taxi service, bar/ lounge and paid public parking lot.

Location: East 51st Street, New York

Budget: $164 – $278

Business hours: 24-hours service

7. Park Central Hotel, New York

If you want to get the best value for your money and also consider the location and comfort,
Park Central Hotel is your best destination. They offer you a comfortable and convenient

stay. The rooms are clean and well equipped, sound proofed and fully air conditioned, stand
by room service and housekeeping.

The hotel properties offers: 24-hours security services, check in and front desk, free WiFi,
conference room, concierge, Laundry and dry cleaning service. The staff at Park Central
Hotel are approachable and professional when it comes to caring for their customers.

Location: 7th Avenue, New York

Budget: $234-$380

Business hours: 24-hours service


It’s important to note that part of a hotel experience is how well you get along with their staff
and customer service. I hope this guide has shown you great insights on these handpicked
hotels for you to choose where to enjoy your stay, specifically designed for your budget,
styles and expectations.

Whether you are going solo travelling or travelling with family and friends in New York city,
do your own research on these hotels to have that memorable experience.

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