Best Hotels to stay in New York City

7 Best Hotels to stay in New York City

Do you find yourself in London and you are looking for a place to stay? Look no further! As New York City offers you with the opportunity to explore the best of Hotels like never before. New York city is the best place to be to experience the best of experience, as they offer you services that fit your taste.

In this article, we will give you the 7 best hotels in New York City to stay in for the best of time without being disturbed or disappointed.

7 Best Hotels to stay in New York City

1.The Frederick Hotel Tribeca

2. Sofitel New York

3. Loews Regency Hotel New York 

4 Marriott Marquis Hotel New York 

5. Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

6. Hard Rock Hotel New York

7. Mint House at 70 Pine

Best Hotels to stay in New York City

1.The Frederick Hotel Tribeca

When searching for a hotel to lodge in, what feature do you first look out for? Is it luxury, comfort, or accessibility to landmarks? The Frederick is a 5 star hotel that has all the amazing features you could think of.

It is just a 500 meters distance from the unique NYC hall, and a 15 minutes walk from the popular Times Square. The rooms are a blend of luxury and comfort. Each room is well furnished with a soft sofa, a flat screen TV, safety box and a Hairdryer.

A free wifi Is made available for occupants, fitness kits and laundry services are made available on site also.

The Frederick is the perfect place to lodge after a hectic travel experience.

Location:  Broadway, New York.

Price: $193

2. Sofitel New York

If you prioritize comfort when choosing a hotel, then Sofitel is the best stop for you. They have luxurious rooms well furnished with a large glass screen television, a large desk and a deposit box.

Gym facilities are made available for work out. The bathrooms are well built with showers, hairdryers and bathtubs. They also provide 24 hours front desk and room service.

The hotel is surrounded by exciting landmarks to explore such as; The Broadway theater, Radio city music hall and the central park.

Location:  W 44th St, New York,

Prices:  $259 

3. Loews Regency New York Hotel

This hotel offers guests an amazing treat and an exotic dining experience. A minibar is strategically structured to enable guests to have a sit out with friends and family with a bottle of drink placed on a well arranged dining experience.

Its rooms are furnished to meet up with guests’ taste for luxury. Including a large flat screen television and a variety of modern facilities.

It is surrounded by amazing landmarks at a very accessible distance. It is just a 17 minutes walk away from Rockefeller center and a 2 block away from Subway access. 

Location: Park Ave, New York. 

Price: $421

4. Marriott Marquis Hotel New York 

With well equipped rooms that possess all the accessories enable guests to enjoy luxury and have a memorable experience to share afterwards. 

Comfortable beddings, large flat screen television, coffee cup ironing board and other exciting facilities are made available for guests. 

Guests also have free access to Wifi and Netflix. It has a big conference hall, where events and meetings are being held.

It is close to New York landmarks which makes it easily accessible.

Location: Broadway, New York.

Prices: $359 

5. Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

This is a 5 star hotel with accessibility to beauty landmarks including the Brooklyn bridge, East River and LaGuardia airport.

The rooms are built with large working space and relaxation areas.  A coffee machine and cotton sheets are made available for residents. Their menu is a blend of luxury and quality which comprises locally made meals.

Location: 60 Furman St, Brooklyn,

Price: $399 per 

6. Hard Rock Hotel New York

This is a 5 star hotel that offers a 24 hours front desk service, facilities for work out and free wifi for residents.

The rooms are installed with air conditions, a large flat screen television and a safety deposit box. A bar is also provided for relaxation and a sit out with friends. 

They have proximity to iconic places such as The Radio city music hall, museum and LaQuadia airport

Location: West 48th Street, New York

Price: $329

7. Mint House at 70 Pine New York 

This is a famous hotel with easy accessibility to iconic locations and an amazing hospitality service.

It is well built with a fully stocked kitchen, a standard toilet with showers, bathtubs and hairdryers.

Occupants enjoy free internet connection and a large flat screen television. It is just. 700 meters away from the Park.

Location: 70 Pine St, New York.

Price: $265


If comfort and luxury tops your list while making your choice of hotel then search no more. our List of the 7 best Hotels in New York offers you the opportunity to choose the best out of the numerous options available.

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