Best Italian Restaurants in New York

7 Best Italian Restaurants in New York

Finding a restaurant that suits your taste as  well as your budget might be quite difficult as you may have to choose from numerous options.

Our curated list of the Best 7 Italian Restaurants in New York City offers you the best out of the numerous options available. You do not need to worry about the affordability or quality of the restaurants. We have sorted out the best Italian restaurants that offer quality meals that suit your taste and also aligns with your budget.

Read on as I reveal to you the 7 Best Italian Restaurants in New York City; 

7 Best Italian Restaurants in New York

1.Scalini Feeling

2. Zucchero E Pomodori.

3. Cafe Mars

4. Carbone

5. Buco Alimentari & Vineria 

6. Ci Siamo 

7. L&B Spumoni Gardens 

Best Italian Restaurants in New York

1. Scalini Fedeli

The ambiance of this restaurant is everything you need for a perfect date dinner. The inviting aroma of the meals increases your cravings and gets satisfied by every bit you take in.

Scalini Fedeli offers freshly prepared meals which makes them outstanding amongst others. The meal promises to make your dinner experience memorable, the 350- bottle wine is the perfect option for all wine lovers walking into this magnificent place.

Location: Duane St, New York.

Opening Hours

Every Tuesday through to Thursday ; 5:30–9 evening (pm)

Fridays- Saturdays: 5:30–10 (late evening) pm

Every Sundays 4:30–8:30 (evening) pm

Price ranges: $100 per person. 

2. Zucchero E Pomodori.

Explore your dining experience as you grab a seat at Zucchero E Pomodori. Here satisfying quest cravings with quality and tasty Italian meals is their top priority.  They believe in the philosophy of “Food first” and hold guests’ stomachs in high esteem.

Their Memu offers a variety of expertly made Italian food with love. What distinguishes them from other Italian food restaurants is the uniqueness in their recipes. You can never walk into Zucchero and walk out disappointed. 

This is a place for every food lover with cravings for Italian dishes, when next you travel through the buzzing streets of New York, don’t hesitate to stop by and grab a plate of meal that suits your taste bud.

Opening hours: Every Monday through to Sunday. 4 (evening) pm – 11 (late evening) pm

Location: First Ave, Beth street, New York.

Price ranges : $30–50 per person

3. Cafe Mars

This is more than a Normal restaurant. If you want to have a great meal experience and have a feel of what hospitality is, then this is the perfect place to stop over for dinner. They aren’t just concerned with the quality of the meal, but give their quest the best hospitality treat.

If you want to take a tour of the amazing environment here, then walk in a bit earlier than your reservation time and explore the Panasonic views, grab a bottle of drink, and pick a meal from the menu; including delicious snacks like Castelvetrano jell-olives.

Location: Third Avenue, New York City 

On Wednesdays through to Sundays: 5:30- 8 (late evening) pm

Price ranges: $50–100 per person

4. Carbone

Carbone is known for its luxurious food menu. One thing that stands out for the Carbone is the quality of their meal, so the price paid is worth the taste. The dining experience is something you should look out for on your visit to New York City

You do not need to worry if you are on a budget plan, the menu still has something to offer you; their expertly baked clams and meaty grills are no exceptions.

Grab a plate of meal at Carbones and get served a bottle of luxury wine around a specially prepared table at no cost.

Location: Thompson St, New York.

Opening Business Housrs:

Every Mondays: 5 (evening) pm – 11:30 (late evening) pm

Tuesdays through to Sunday: 11:30 am–2 pm; 5–11:30 pm

Price ranges: $100+ per person

5. The Buco Alimentari & Vineria Restaurant 

The best place to be in the city of New York. With top notch services that serve you right and meet your expectations. Dealing with them is an opportunity to explore the best of italian meals like never before.

However, its never too late to explore the best of meals 

Location: Great Jones St, New York.

Monday through Friday: 11:30 (morning) am–10 (evening) pm

Saturdays: 10 am – 11 pm

Sunday:s 10 am – 11:30 pm

Price range: $50–100 per person

6. Best Italian Restaurants in New York: Ci Siamo 

This is an Italian restaurant that offers both traditional meals and contemporary dishes specially made with fire-wood.

If you want a special dining space, then you would have to choose a private dining option where you could also explore the Panasonic views of the Empire building.

Elevate your dining experience with the freshly cooked Italian means by Chef Hillary Sterling who  put the best seasonal ingredients to make your dining experience worthwhile.

Location: St Suite #100, New York.

Monday to Friday: 11:30 am–10 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 11:30 am–2:30 pm

4:30–10 pm

Price ranges: $50–100 per person

7. L&B Spumoni Gardens 

This restaurant is famously known for its enticing pizza specially prepared by experts. They offer the best pizza experience served with a cup of delicious ice cream.

It is also known for its expertise in preparing tomato sauce, Sicilian Pies and Pillowy dough. It is the best place for a dining experience because of the ambiance of the environment. 

During the cold season, they offer a dining room with an inviting atmosphere to keep you warm.

Location: St, Brooklyn, New York

Opening hours: 11 am – 11:30 pm

Price ranges: $21- $30 per person.


Visit one of our top 7 list of best restaurants in New York City today to experience greatness like never before.

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