Best Korean BBQ in New York City 

7 Best Korean BBQ in New York City 

Are you planning a visit to New York City and look forward to exploring delicious food menus?

Our curated list of the 7 Best Korean BBQ in New York City offers you the opportunity to make a pick.

Do not hesitate to visit these restaurants on your next visit to New York City.

7 Best Korean BBQ in New York City 


2. Gaonnuri

3. Don’s Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar

4. Hahm Ji Bach

5. Rib No. 7

6. Let’s Meat

7. Wooga

Best Korean BBQ in New York City 

1. Cote

If you want to enjoy the best Barbecue in New York City, then don’t hesitate to visit The Cote. They make the best and tastiest barbecue that will satisfy your cravings—expertly prepared with well sourced ingredients, their wine list is such you wouldn’t want to miss. 

The ambiance of the environment makes it a place of rejuvenation after a strenuous day at work. 

Open daily 5pm – 9pm

Location: W 22nd St New York

2. Gaonnuri

This luxury restaurant offers the best Korean menu you would think of. Walk through the doors of Gaonnuri and get welcomed by a well arranged table of barbecue. Their menu offers the most amazing dishes and a long list of proteins to suit your taste bud.

Duck breast, white shrimp, pork belle and galbi tops their list of proteins. Aside from their delicious proteins and barbecue, their cocktail is a must have. 

Gaonnuri food menu is a blend of quality and affordability, the quality of their meal does not affect the price, and it is affordable for even those on a friendly budget plan.

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 5:30pm – 11:30pm; Friday –  Saturday: 5pm – 12am; Sunday: 5pm-11pm

Price: Average main course: $15

Location:  Broadway 39th floor New York

3. Don’s Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar

Choosing a meal on a food menu can be difficult when you have an array of enticing dishes presented before you— Don’s Bogam BBQ $ Wine bar eases you of the stress of making a pick as servers help you navigate the menu.

As you sit on the dining table, ensure you don’t miss out on the restaurant’s signature dish. You also have a list of options to choose from such as the Korean chicken and beef, and other seafood options to pick from.

Barbecue is a no miss meal at the Don’s Bogam BBQ & Wine bar.

Location: 32nd St, New York

Price Average main course: $20. 

Opening hours: Daily 11:30 am–midnight

4. Hahm Ji Bach

The atmosphere at Hahm Ji Bach will make you think you are in a different world. The ambiance is everything you would want a good restaurant to have. 

Interestingly, it is open 24 hours so you can walk through the doors, grab a seat at the dining table and have a good meal at any time of the day or night.

The menu presents a list of delicious meals specially prepared with Love by professional chefs. Everything on the menu is tasty and sumptuous, so you do not need to worry about the quality of their meals.

If you are a lover of locally made dishes, then this is a must visit place for you. 

Location:  149th Place New York City

Prices: $15.99

5. Rib No. 7

You will find Beef galbi, marinated boneless pork galbi and all sorts of ribs on the food menu of Rib No. 7.

Ever thought of having a stew dish made of ribs? Then, don’t hesitate to visit this restaurant on your arrival or next visit to Rib No. 7.

Aside from dishes prepared with ribs, you will also find tasty and quality barbecue on the meal menu. Other enticing dishes include; Ramen, Kimchi, Spam and hot dogs. 

Location: W 33rd St. New York

Opening hours: Lunch (Afternoon): Monday -Friday: 12pm (Afternoon) –3pm; Dinner: Sunday – Wednesday 12pm – 11pm Thursday-Saturday: 12pm – 12am

6. Let’s Meat

The ambiance is friendly and welcoming, but that is not a focus point in this restaurant, take a look at the dishes in the menu book and you wouldn’t want to step out without having a taste of everything in it.

Despite the quality and savory taste of their meals,its affordability is one feature that stands out. So even if you are on a low budget plan you do not need to think twice before walking in to enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Location: 307 5th Avenue New York City

7. Best Korean BBQ in New York City: Wooga

This is one of those restaurants whose  food menu is a blend of traditional and American dishes. 

Their food menu offers a variety of options to pick from, some of which are; ramps, white taro root, etc.

Imagine being served barbecue in a cozy environment like Wooga.

Make visiting Wooga a part of your plan if you want to explore the best food menu in New York City.

Opening hours: 12pm – 11pm 

Location: Palisade Ave, Fort Lee, New York 


Our well curated list of the 7 best Korean BBQ serves to guide you in making a pick of where to enjoy a delicious meal.

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