Best Museums in New York

7 Best Museums in New York

Are you planning a holiday trip or looking for the best place to explore adventure? Visiting a Museum offers you the opportunity to have fun while you learn the history of historical sculptures.

7 Best Museums in New York

1.The Tenement Museum

2. Whitney Museum of American Art

3. The American Museum (Natural History)

4.  Metropolitan Art Museum

5.  Museum of Modern Art

6. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

7. Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Best Museums in New York

1.The Tenement Museum:

Visiting the museum isn’t all about fun, and the excitement of exploring historical objects. But, it’s a time to learn and know the history of each object and sculptures found in the museum. The Tenement Museum offers guests the opportunity of learning about the history of New York and the life of those who helped in building the museum.

You will get to enjoy a guided tour, and a detailed historical story of immigrants who lived there. The museum still holds up to its mission of preserving the history of immigrants who lived in Orchard street as far back as in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Location: Orchard St, New York.

Tickets:  Adults, Students and Seniors $55, Children Under 5years- Free,  Members $27.50

2. The Whitney Museum of American Art In New York 

With a variety of artworks being displayed, featuring historical pieces of art from the 19s to contemporary day art.

Each art passes a message about an event that took place in the days of old. The creativity of the American artists are too notch, each piece of art is creativity crafted to tell a unique story.

Visiting the museum on your next trip would be a dream come through as its access fee is very affordable, though prices vary for students, adults, citizens and minors.

Location:  Gansevoort St, New York.

Tickets: $79.00

3. The American Museum (Natural History)

Despite their outstanding features, access to the museum is still very affordable for visitors of all ages. Children are admitted for almost free or at a reduced access fee. Students and senior citizens are also admitted at a considerable rate

Location: Central Park W, New York.

Tickets: $25 for adults, $20 for students

 4.  Best Museums in New York: Metropolitan Art Museum 

This is the most visited and famous museum in New York with over two million art works to explore.  The museum features a variety of arts work including the Asian and Egyptian arts work.

The building alone is a piece of art. As you work through the doors of the museum, each corner welcomes you with attention grabbing arts work.

Visitors also enjoy guided tours, as they explore the beautiful works of art and learn the history of each piece. 

Access fee also varies for different ages, children, students and citizens pay a lesser fee to access the museum.

Location: 5th Ave, New York.

Tickets; adults $30; seniors $22;  students $17; Children and members- free.

5. The Museum of Modern Art

When choosing a museum to visit, what feature do you first look out for? If it’s the beauty of their artwork then this is the perfect place for you to visit.

Variety of artworks and scriptures of cultural importance are being displayed. Paintings and drawings by creative artists are hung around the walls of the museum.

One outstanding thing about this museum is their free visit Friday. At a specific time on Fridays visitors are allowed to explore the museum at no cost.

One exciting thing about visiting the museum is that every artwork tells a story about historical events. It preserves our cultures and brings history until present day reality.

Location: St, New York.

Tickets:  $30.00 

6. The Intrepid Sea: Air and Space Museum 

Visiting this Museum is more than a fun time, as you get to learn the story of historical aircraft men, and admire the beauty of history.

Location: New York.

Tickets: $25.30

7. Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Visitors in New York city enjoy the opportunity to learn the tales of these immigrants and the history of their immigration.

Despite the rich values of this museum, their access fee is still very affordable for everyone who wants to explore it. 

Location: Ellis Island Bridge, Jersey City, New York 

Tickets: $25.30


Are you planning on embarking on a Planning a trip to the museum can be likened to embarking on an adventurous trip. This article presents the 7 best Museums to visit in New York.

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