Best New York Jazz Bars

7 Best New York Jazz Bars

Are you thinking of the best club to explore the night and enjoy the melody of jazz music?

Search no further! Our list of the 7 Best Jazz Bars in new York City offers you an opportunity to make a pick based on your desirable features.

7 Best New York Jazz Bars

1.The Blue Note:

2. The Django

3. Smoke Jazz and Supper Club.


5. Zinc Bar, Greenwich Village

6. Terraza 7, Elmhurst

7. Minton’s Playhouse

Best New York Jazz Bars

1. The Blue Note:

Night clubs would be incomplete without a good dance time. The Blue Note tops our list as the best jazz bar in New York because of the presence of great musical titans such as Ron Carter and Chick Corea.

Dance times at the Blue Note Jazz Bar is something you would not want to miss, as raw talents storms the dance floor with their displays.

If you want to enjoy every bit of the activities, then early arrival should be your top concern inorder to secure a good spot.

Location: St, Columbia, New York 

Price: $50–$100

Business hours: Mondays – Fridays 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

2. The Django

The atmosphere at Django feels like a different world away from earth. The ambiance of the dining space is welcoming and evokes the desire to stay up into the night exploring the fun of the club.

The walls and ceilings are designed to make the club house luxurious. If you want to grab a bottle of drink, then there is a bar right in the venue. It also has a large space used for performance stage.

If you are a lover of jazz music, then The Django is a home for you.

Location: Cellar Level, 2 6th Ave, New York.

Price: $50–100 

Sunday: 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM. 

Mondays – Thursdays 6:30 PM – 1:00 AM. 

Fridays – Saturdays 6:30 PM – 2:00 AM.

3. Smoke Jazz and Super Club.

This is a restaurant co-owned by a husband and wife that was renovated and expanded after surviving the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aside being a club house, a lounge was built and attached to it during the renovation in order to expand the jazz club.

Guest do not need to worry about going home after an adventurous clubbing experience, as one can easily spend a night out at the lounge.

Amazing events such as concerts, sidewalk shows and outdoor dinning are also held at The Smoke Jazz and Supper Club because of its large space.

Price: $50–100

Location:  Broadway, New York.

Friday- Sunday:  5 pm–12 am

Wednesday- Thursday: 5–11 pm

4.  Best New York Jazz Bars: Smalls

If you are searching for a cozy environment to have a time out and ease off the stress of the busy day, then The Smalls is the best place for you.

The ambiance of the environment and the melodious sounds booming from the halls is one outstanding feature of The Smalls— Smalls is a must if you are a lover of adventure.

Price: $30–50 

Location:  St, New York

Opening hours: 7:00pm – 3:00am

5. Zinc Bar, Greenwich Village

The Zinc Bar stage had top artists like Frank Sinatra, Billie and the likes. This is one of the top club houses in New York City with legendary artists in attendance. 

This club house have been on the spot light since 1940 and still appears on our top list because of the adventurous activities that goes on every night.

Every moment seem like an unending pleasure as legendary jazz artist like Frank Sinatra recites melodies lyrics on the stage.

Location: W 3rd St, New York,

Opening hours: 5pm – 2am 

Prices: $30–50 

6.  Terraza 7, Elmhurst

The list of musicians and songwriters that clubs at The Terraza 7, Elmhurst is endless. 

It is a live music club house that has top artists, best jazz musicians and instrumentalists come to make it adventurous.  The creativity of the artists is outstanding and it gets the crowd to let out shouts which makes it more fun.

You wouldn’t want to pay a visit to Terraza 7, Elmhurst and not have a taste of the delicious meals on their menu and grab a bottle of drink or explore the tantalizing taste of their unique cocktails.

Location:  40-19 Gleane St, Queens

Saturday- Sunday: 10 am–4 am

Monday- Thursday: 5 pm–4 am

Prices: $50–100

7. Minton’s Playhouse

Walk through the doors of Minton’s Playhouse and get greeted by the photos of exceptional jazz legends hung on the walls of the club. The ambiance and design of the club makes it a welcoming environment for everyone.

One outstanding feature of the Minton’s Playhouse is the variety of lights that beauties it. 

If you want to enjoy every bit of the events, then going to the club early should be at the top of your plans. Arrive early and enjoy dinner then move into the club house to have fun and explore the night.

Where: 206 W 118th St

Thursday – Sunday: 7pm – 3am

Prices: $50–100


The best place to have a good time out after a strenuous day at work is a good club house.

Our list offers you the opportunity to make a pick of your desirable club based on their distinctive features.

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