Best Nightclubs In New York

7 Best Nightclubs In New York 

Want  to  enjoy  life  to  the  fullest  after  a  busy  day?  New  York  offers  you  lots  of   places  to  go  to  unwind  with  great  drinks,  music  and  foods. 

In  this  article,  I  will  show  you  the  best  Nightclubs  locations  to  visit  to  unwind  after  the  day’s  work. 

Here is a list of the best Nightclubs to go unwind: 

7 Best Nightclubs In New York 

1: Avant Gardener, East Williamsburg

2: Nowadays, Ridgewood

3: Elsewhere, Bushwick

4: Wiggle Room, East Village

5: House of Yes, Bushwick

6: Musica, Hell’s Kitchen

7: Good Room, Greenpoint 

Best Nightclubs In New York 

1: Avant   Gardener, East   Williamsburg

A dope venue for an EDM show. The outdoors is designed with multiple levels of roof deck, a lightning setup and led wall. The sounds are phenomenal. 

Good drinks that are quite expensive. Events and house staff are really nice and helpful with no issues. The security there is also ready to make everyone feel safe. 

In this kind of venue, when you want to pay for drinks, you will be asked to register with a wristband; I mean, you buy a wristband, register and get it linked to a credit card to enable you to pay your bill and have a coat check. Also, if you want to get a better view of the front, make sure to get there early. 

The bathrooms are large and accessible. The visual FX are topnotch, sound systems are crystal clear without you hurting your ears. Excellent venue with Many areas to explore, all of which has a great stage visibility.  

Location: 140 Stewart avenue, New York 

Budget: $30

Business hours: 

Sun-Sat 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; 6:00 PM – 8:45 AM 

Instagram handle: Avant Gardener @avantgardenerbk 

2: Nowadays,   Ridgewood

A venue with a great mix of indoor and outdoor space, with different sections to enjoy the entire place. 

Hard working staff who are making sure to create a safe environment for their customers and making them feel cared for. 

A spacious bar with a great dance floor, cheap coat check, and a large outdoor patio. They offer outdoor seating, dining in and take away. 

Location: Cooper Avenue, Queens, New York 

Budget: $30-$50 

Business hours:

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 5 pm–12 am

Thursday 5 pm–4 am

Friday             5 pm–4 am

Saturday 2 pm–12 am

Sunday 12 am–10 pm

Monday          Closed

Happy Hour: 

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 5–10 pm

Thursday 5–10 pm

Friday      5–10 pm

Saturday 2–6 pm

Sunday           Closed

Monday          Closed 

Instagram Handle: Nowadays @nowadaysnyc 

3: Elsewhere,   Bushwick

Awesome venue with plenty space with top notch sound mix, where you could hear everything clear form anywhere in the venue.  This venue is a great place to see some live music and offers plenty of rooms to seat and relax if there’s more to your vibes. The staff are friendly and professional.

They offer free water, a huge gender neutral bathroom, multiple bars, outdoor space for hanging in between sets, coat check among many others. The bar is also great and offers an outdoor smoking section, the drinks are tasty and affordable. 

The venue is such a comfortable place to be with signs reassuring that it was a safe place to be, making you want to come back even if it was a casual event. 

Location: Johnson Avenue, New York 

Budget: $30 and above 

Business hours:

Monday  9:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Tuesday  5:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Wednesday 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Thursday – Friday     5:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Saturday  2:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Sunday  2:00 PM – 1:00 AM 

Instagram handle: E L S E W H E R E @elsewherespace 

4: Wiggle   Room,   East   Village

A great dance place with a lot of amazing light collection all over the place which gives it a glowing and chilly ambiance. The space is also clean and organised which makes it a spot for date night or group night out. The atmosphere is great, which is another great feeling to enjoy yourself.  

Their staff are super fun accommodating and engaging. In terms of aesthetics, drinks and clients, this is a must visit location for hanging out. The basement dance floor is full of funk and disco vibes as the lights there brings together a truly captivating dance atmosphere. 

Location: 9 Avenue A, New York

Budget: $30-$50

Business hours:

Thursday -Saturday 7am- 4 pm 

5: House   of   Yes,   Bushwick

A must visit for every club goers with a diverse group of attendees and performers. The Hosts are super entertaining. There is a semi attached open space for smoking. The club is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment has always been something you should admire. 

House of Yes prides itself on its safer spaces policy and its emphasis on consent and respect. 

This is truly a special place; always queer-friendly & the safest space. Their events and theme nights are a blast and people are really dressed up. I cannot recommend this club enough. People truly follow the consent rules as Tickets are sold at a lower rate,  the earlier you buy them, the cheaper they are. 

They also combine music, art, dancing and creativity all in one night. So if looking out for the best night club, this location is sure to be among the best. 

Location: Wyckoff Avenue, New York 

Budget: $60 and above

Business hours:

Thursday 10 pm -4 am

Friday – Saturday 7 Pm – 4 am 

6: Best Nightclubs In New York: Musica,  Hell’s   Chicken

The largest nightclub in New York! There is no dress code as long as you have a ticket and the coat check is $5 cash. The club is very pretty with great acoustics for trance.

The club offers the whisper room on the ground floor while the main room is splitted into two bar areas. There is a rooftop for those who need to smoke or want to get fresh air. The drinks here are pricey and very strong. 

The security is very thorough in checking IDs, making sure nothing goes into the club with a bad check, which is a sign of safety for every user. 

Location: 50th Street, New York 

Budget: $50-$100 

Business hours:

Friday – Saturday 10 pm – 4 am

7; Good   Room,   Greenpoint

Amazing atmosphere, music, crowd, & and respectful staff which is quite rare. Drinks are priced very fairly and ice cold water is self-serve. Smokey and mystic lighting has you fully immersed in the music. 

It can get pretty packed and difficult to dance in there though. It’s a great time if you go when razor n tape takes over.

Location: Meserole avenue, New York 

Budget: $30-$50

Business hours:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10 pm – 4 am


New York offers you plenty of nightlife where you can unwind after the bustling and hustling of the day.  These great locations offer you a variety of what will make you keep coming back for more. 

Whether as a tourist or local, you should check out what each offers and drop them a positive review on their website.

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