Best Periods To Visit New York

 Best Periods To Visit New York

If you are planning to visit New York depending on the best period, it all depends on your definition of best, as each individual’s best totally differs. 

If it means the cheapest places to go or the weather to visit, the answers all depend on you. 

However, this article will help and show you the best time you should visit New York. 

Best Periods To Visit New York

1: Spring (March to May

2: Summer (June to August) 

3: Fall Season (September to November)

4: Winter ( December to February) 

5: Conclusion 

1: Spring (March to May) 

Spring is the best in terms of weather conditions as the forecast is calling for calm climate conditions.

You should always dress in layers as it can be very chilly in the month of April and May but can sometimes be warmer in the afternoons. 

As of today, this morning, the weather condition is cloudy sky while the sun this afternoon is Hi–18° while at night, the cloud is Low–11°. Also looking ahead at some thunderstorms. Some allergies outlooks are tree pollen, ragweed pollen, mould, grass pollen, dust and dander. 

However, there are major events and festivals held in the spring season in the city of New York where everyone gets to participate, like 

Strawberry Full Moon festival: Saturday, 22nd June at 3pm

Spring Rosé festival: Friday, 31st May, 6 pm 

NYC Amapiano Spring Fest : Saturday,4pm 

Spring Into Summer Festival: Saturday, 1sr June at 10:00 AM and many other numerous events to be held. 

Pros Of Spring Season:

Things grow back after the depressed winter months. 

The day time is usually longer than night time. 

Prom is usually held in the spring season.

Cons Of Spring Season: 

This is an allergy season when most p ggujgeople react differently.

Another period of hail storm which is the worst thing about mother nature. 

Activities to perform in the spring season 


1:  St. Patrick’s Day

2:  Women’s History Month

3: Exploring the Macy’s Flower show

2: Summer (June to August) 

The hottest period with an average temperature of 76°F, is the best time to drink plenty of water and wear more sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned, as New York has a high humidity which makes it sometimes uncomfortable walking around the city. 

However, you should wear breathable fabric mostly cotton clothes as cotton is a good absorber of water. 

Major events and festivals in summer season: 

1: American Motorcycle Touring Rally

2: Bethpage Air Show

3: Pride Month Celebration

4: Summer stage 2024

5: Shakespeare in the Park

Pros Of Summer Season 

1: One layer of clothes and looking like a real boss in a pair of summer shades.

2: Enjoying the ocean view and other water bodies.

3: Participating in outdoor activities 

Cons of summer season

1: Sweat more and get sunburned. 

2: High humidity 

3: Cooking always seems like a serious chore as a gateway to enter the 7th hell of Hades. 

Recommended activities 

1: hitting the beach

2: Spending some quality time at the amusement park

3: Go on a summer wellness kick 

4: Visiting the Niagara falls

3: Fall Season (September to November) 

Also called Autumn, is the longest and colourful season of the year in New York, starting around late September and ending in November.  

The first two weeks of October can have high and low temperatures during the day and at night. This is the best period for outdoor activities and time to watch the foliage. 

The best clothes to wear during this period are coats, which can be light and wool coats, pants, tops, shoes and skirts and dresses.  The wool coat will be of more use around November depending on how cold you can be. 

Major events and festivals in Fall Season

1: New York film festival celebrated October 7 -16

2: New York Comic con celebrated 12-15

3: The New York festival which is usually celebrated in October 6-8

4; Open house New York celebrates on October 20-22

5: Summer stage festival is celebrated October 

Pros of Fall Season

1: Thanksgiving 

2: the best time to make different kinds of soup 

3: wearing pants 

Cons of Fall Season 

1: Nose dripping as your nose is always wet so using a tissue or handkerchief is the best solution. 

2: Cuffing season when you always get to cuddle your pillow and blanket. 

3: Dry skin. Your skin feels like that of a snake who is shedding its skin. Just apply moisturiser to help with the dry skin.

Recommended activities 

1: Go apple picking outside the city.

2; head to great spot of leaf peeping

3: watch a rooftop movie

4: Go ice skating

4:  Best Periods To Visit New York: Winter ( December to February)

This season is usually cold with average temperature around 25°F – 45°F, which can sometimes drop. You can also see snow during the winter ranging from light dusting to heavier accumulation of ice. 

Alongside snowing, you should expect a mix of freezing rain, rain that can make the roads and sidewalks icy and slippery to move on. 

It’s very vital that you dress to keep yourself warm in this period with plenty of layers of clothing like a heavy coat, scarf, gloves, hats, and proper footwear for walking in the snow. 

The day time in this period is usually less and shorter which can determine the time you spend for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

You can also spend some time indoors like dining, visiting the museum, or shopping.  

Major events and festivals in winter season

1: Saranac winter carnival

2: Lake George winter carnival

3: Long Lake Winter Carnival 

4: Inlets Frozen Fire and Light

5: Discover the closest ski areas in New York

6:  Sightseeing the city’s iconic landmarks.

Pros of winter season 

1:  Less crowded city

2: Fine dining at fair prices

3: beautiful winter street styles to copy and recreate from

4: cheaper hotel rate as hotel occupancy rate dips to 90% 

5: New York fashion week

Cons of Winter season

1: harsh weather condition

2: dangerous and risky driving as the roads are too slippery for the tryes to move on.

3: high cost of heating to keep homes warm from cold.

4: more expenses in investing in winter clothing.

5: Seasonal Affective Disorders that usually affect most people during this harsh period. 

Recommended activities

1: Going on skiing activities

2: Treating yourself to a little rest and relaxation in a beautiful spa, great restaurants

3: Setting up a fireplace to keep yourself warm.

4: Going snowmobiling 

5: Visiting the Central Park in New York 


Whether the weather is harsh,or you are in a good mood for sightseeing and moving around New York to view amazing locations, New York has everything you need to have a fulfilling season all round the year. 

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