best place to eat in NewYork 

7 best place to eat in NewYork 

Are you looking for a place that will bring you the best and tasteful delicacy experiences in NewYork, a city with seemingly endless options? Look no further! NewYork has all it takes to give you the best of experiences that fits you.

If you are interested in getting a piece of this delicacy, but don’t know where you will go to get maximum satisfaction for your taste buds, then this article is for you. As we highlights the essential information like address, food, pricing and opening hours of the the seven best places to eat in NewYork. 

7 best place to eat in NewYork 

1. Rizzo’s Pizza.

2. The Gray’s Papaya

3.  Little Spain Market

4.  The Halal Guys

5. Chelsea Market

6. Tikka Indian Grill

7 . Burger Joint

Best place to eat in NewYork 

1. Rizzo’s Pizza.

Rizzo’s Pizza is a place to eat slices that will transport you to seventh heaven. A nice restaurant situated on the  Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, widely acknowledged as one of the best places to eat in NewYork offers you a very delicious meal that gives you the best experience.

With Rizzo’s, you can increase your expectations for delicious meals to the highest level without being disappointed with their services. Therefore, Ensure you visit them today for maximum satisfaction. 

Location: located at the Lower East Side, New York.

Price range: $3 – $28

Business Hours: They are open on Monday through to Thursday from 4 PM (evening) -11 PM (late evening); 

From Fridays and Saturdays from 12 PM (noon)- 12 AM (midnight) and 

Sundays from 12 PM (noon)- 11 PM (late evening).

2. The Gray’s Papaya

The Gray’s Papaya at Broadway is the second on the list not just because of their hearty American-style breakfast that is served there, but also because of the accommodating services provided by the employees and the environment together with the pictures hung on the walls that represent royalty and elegance that fits your luxurious lifestyle 

Gray’s Papaya has often been praised in New York for providing the best meals in the city of New York.

With these credentials, Gray’s Papaya is a must-visit to people who want the best place to eat in NewYork.

Location: Broadway, NewYork. 

Price range: $2 – $15

Opening hours: They are open 24/7 per day.

3.  Little Spain Market

Looking for where you’ll enjoy the original taste of New York meals? The Little market sits at the top of a skyscraper, waiting patiently for you. Expensive no doubt, but you can be rest assured that the quality and taste of the food will make you forget how much you spent. 

Little Spain Market offers various types of food that is employable, so if you’re interested in clearing your appetite before leaving the restaurant, feel free to browse through their menu of tantalizing food options. 

Location: Located in the skyscraper, Hudson Yards, New York

Price range: $8 – $55

Opening hours: 12:00 pm to 9:00pm.

4.  The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys is ranked one of the best places to experience good taste and budget friendly meals in NewYork. The atmosphere is very accommodating as it gives a more traditional feeling like never before. 

Therefore, what are you still waiting for? A visit to the Halal Guys is a Visit to fulfillment.

Location: located at The Madison Square Park Shake, NewYork. 

Price range : $14 depending on the dish

Opening hour: 11AM – 9PM per day 

5. Chelsea Market

The Chelsea Market signifies elegance and prestige, it is mostly visited by men of high prestige; celebrities and men from noble homes. Known to be one of the busy areas in the city of NewYork, be rest assured to experience the best.

Although the meal is quite expensive in Chelsea Market, it is worth the service you will get without any doubt.

If you are searching for a high quality meal, then Chelsea Market is a place to visit.

Location: Ninth Avenue, Manhattan NewYork. 

Price Range: $40-$100

Opening hours : 7:00am-10:00pm Mon to Saturday, Sunday 8am -9pm

6. Best place to eat in NewYork: Tikka Indian Grill

The menu at Tikka Indian Grill gives you a plethora of options to choose from your favorite delicacy that will actually bring joy to food lovers. It is a good place to chill and relax after a long day on the streets of NewYork as it is calm and cozy and made perfectly to serve you right.

They deem it fit in  giving out wonderful services to their customers like no other in NewYork.

Location: Grand Street Brooklyn NewYork. 

Price range: per person:  $10- $100

Business hours: From Mondays through to Thursday 12pm (noon)-11pm (late evening),

(Weekends) from Friday through to Saturday 12:00 pm (noon) till midnight

Sunday 12pm (noon) till midnight.

7 . Burger Joint

Finally on our list is Burger Joint, the most unique restaurant in the city to experience a nice burger. The burger joint is located at a secret Avenue near Central Park.

Without any doubt there is a striking contrast between the elegance of the hotel and the grunge style of the Burger Joint, which is precisely the charm of the place. The entrance is hidden behind mysterious red curtains, which makes the place a befitting one. Visit them today for a nice time out.

Location: located near Central Park, NewYork. 

Price Range: $4- $19

Business hours: Only on Mondays and Thursdays: 11am (morning)-11:20 pm (late evening)

Weekends: Just Friday and Saturday: 11am (morning)– midnight

Sunday: 11am (morning) -10pm (Late evening)


NewYork is the best place to enjoy the best meals that serve you right. With the list given to you, it becomes easier to locate one to explore in the city of NewYork. What are you still waiting for? Locate them today to satisfy your cravings.

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