Best Places To Get Hot Dogs in New York

7 Best Places To Get Hot Dogs in New York

If you are looking for the best hot dogs in the city of New York that are budget friendly, this article is written to serve as a guide while going through their website to know which is best for your budget.

Here is a list of the best locations for the best hot dogs in New York: 

7 Best Places To Get Hot Dogs in New York

1:. Katz’s Deli

2: Shake Shack Theatre District

3: Shake Shack Grand Central Terminal

4: Shake Shack Upper West Side

5: Brooklyn Diner

6: Nathan’s Famous

7: Gray’s Papaya

Best Places To Get Hot Dogs in New York

1:  Katz’s Deli

Having been in the business for long, they definitely live up  the hype people say about them. Itsl longevity speaks volumes about its food quality. 

They have the cafeteria style as the queue around the restaurant is usually about 20 mins or less. The ritual of preparing their sandwich is fabulous, a very big size, and the flavour which is best eaten with bread.

They have the best pastrami which was hardly shown anywhere. The pastrami is so big that two people can share into equal halves except you are a foodie.  You also get some sampling on the food you want to order. 

They offer delivery and takeout, and outdoor seating. Their customer service is excellent and fast but can be slow sometimes due to the heavy orders on them but it’s worth trying them out. 

The restaurant sells: cheese bagels, latkes, macaroni salad, chicken liver, sandwiches and fries, coleslaw,pickles, pastrami on rye, cream cheese, and many more. You should visit this place of experience and get your stomach filled up with the pastrami.

Location: Houston Street, New York 

Budget: $10-$30 

Business hours:

Sun – Thurs 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Friday 8:00 AM – 11:45 PM

Saturday 12:00 AM – 11:45 PM 

2: Shake   Shack   Theatre   District

A standout district when compared to others. The burgers are just on another level – Super juicy and flavorful. Their real game changer is the sauce. It’s like they got some special kind of secret recipe that adds this kind of amazing kick in your stomach that elevated the whole dining experience. 

Your goto a place to grab a quick lunch though it’s a busy joint, so you have to be careful to get yourself a seat. The people behind the counter taking the order are super nice and friendly. 

Their meals are delicious, burgers are rich in flavours, the hotdogs stood out with their unparalleled taste. 

Additionally, the option to enhance the French fries with cheese was a delightful touch. The overall ambiance of the restaurant is pleasant and the customer service is fast and efficient. 

You should try their Avocado Angus burger, burger and fries, chocolate peppermint shake, bacon cheese, hamburger, cheese fries. If you are a fan of shake shack, this spot is a must- visit. 

Location: Eighth Avenue, New York 

Budget: $5-$20 

Business hours:

Sat-Sun 10:40 AM  -12:00 AM

3: Shake   Shack   Grand   Central   Terminal

Shake shack pride  themself on their hospitality and work hard to cook everything to order in a timely manner. They produce high quality fast food burgers, which are simple but tasty in soft buns which gives them an edge over other restaurants. 

Even though the location at Grand Central Terminal is not the food chain’s first Restaurant, it is a product of a New York Original. The self order kiosks are convenient and easy to use to customise your meals down to selecting the ingredients on your burger. 

Another cool feature is the restaurant’s tables are made from recycled woods from the old New York bowling alley. This location is usually busy, so you need to plan ahead. Even if you order online, you need to take your time to go pick your food as it’s mostly super busy during lunch time.   

The customer service is very attentive to detail and also goes on explaining the menus and recommending which one would be nice to have.

You should try the shroom burger and fried cheese, milkshake cheese fries, brioche buns, cheese sauce, smoke shack, chocolate frozen custard. 

Location: 42nd Street, New York 

Budget: $10-$30 

Business hours: 

Sun-Sat 7:30 AM – 11:30 PM

4: Shake   Shack   Upper   West   Side

Located right next to the American Natural History Museum, which attracts customers to the restaurant so they can have a beautiful view of the environment and also popular for their great burgers and fries which they don’t disappoint their customers. 

The burgers there feel like they are melting in your mouth when mostly paired with a milkshake and cheese fries. The truffle burger is also a really tasty addition to their food menu. The seating area is not too spacious 

The staff there are welcoming, usually with a smile and direct people to the kiosks to get themselves an order, especially at the height of lunch time, as the queue there is usually busy. They offer dine in and takeaway options. 

Also after visiting central park you will be very hungry, it is highly recommended to satiate a moment of hunger. Try the chicken bite, chicken sandwich, strawberry milkshake, spicy shackmeister. 

Location: Columbus Avenue, New York 

Budget: $5-$20

Business hours:

Sun-Sat 10:30 AM -11:00 PM

5: Brooklyn Diner

A proper traditional New York diners jammed with the real New Yorkers making it all more special. A welcoming atmosphere with a quintessential diner feeling with classic and authentic vibe. 

Big menus, friendly staff, comfortable sofas and good retro music in the background.

The menus were of great variety. A nice place to stop for a snack in New York. 

Location: 57th Street, New York 

Budget: $20-$30

Business hours:

Sun-Tues  8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Wed-Thurs 8:00 AM  -10:00 PM 

Fri-Sat 8:00 AM -11:00 PM 

6: Nathan’s Famous

Nathan famous is a classic location mostly for tourists visiting the Coney Island, is also a popular site for the hot dog eating contest that is held on a yearly basis, tourists have continued to frequent the location regardless of its quality and price. 

However, the service is quite fast and there are plenty of areas to sit outside. 

It’s a must for tourists and perfect if you’re in the area and need a bite to eat before or after laying on the beach.

Try their chilli cheese dog, corn dog bite, deep fried frog legs, 

Location: Surf Avenue, New York 

Budget: $10-$20 

Business hours:

Mon-Thurs 8:00 AM -5:00 PM 

7: Best Places To Get Hot Dogs in New York: Gray’s Papaya

Having access to mouthwatering hot dogs and tropical drinks makes Gray’s Papaya a must visit. 

The menus are simple but oddly satisfying, offering New York top hot dogs which are juicy and flavorful and can be complemented with the toasted buns. 

What sets this restaurant apart is its affordability. Gray’s offers a budget friendly option without altering its quality. The staff at Gray’s Papaya are friendly and efficient,adding to the value of the place. 

This spot is the best place to grab a bite on the go. You should try out the recession special, cheese, papaya juice, chilli dog, hot dog with mustard and chilli. 

Location: Broadway, New York 

Budget: $1-$10

Business hours: 24 hours service 


Now that you have read through this article to know the best place to visit to grab a quick bite of hot dogs, whether as a tourist or local, make sure you visit one today to enjoy the best of  dining experience in and around New York City.

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