Best Places To Live In New York

7 Best Places To Live In New York 

Are you planning to move to the United States of America?

Or do you intend to move to settle down in New York?

New York offers a wide range of places with fascinating opportunities and attractions. Whether you are considering academic or job opportunities or even fun places, New York has a perfect place for you.

Our intentionally selected list of the best places to live in New York puts into consideration all that you will need to to have a comfortable stay in the city. Whether you are moving as a family, a student or an independent individual, keep reading to discover the place that offers you the best opportunities you require.

7 Best Places To Live In New York


2. Kensington

3. Lake success

4. Syosset 

5. East Hills

6. Astoria

7. Jericho 

Best Places To Live In New York


Albany’s is a suitable residential city for all caliber of people, from workers to students.  

It is a popular city for international, banking and railroad trades. It also has it educational institutions which includes the State University of New York and other professional schools

US News and world report rated Albany as the no.1 best city to live in the world.

There are cities, villages, towns and Hamlets contained in Albany County. 

Albany county also has a wide range of fun activities and top attractions.

County: Albany County

Average Weather: 26°/13°C

Attractions: New York State Museum, Albany institute of Art, Washington Hill, Historic Cherry Hill, Beach, The Egg, USS Slater, Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site. 

Minimum wage: $16


Kensington village is a mixture of urban and suburban areas where most of the residents are homeowners. It has been in existence for about a hundred years.

It is a very friendly and welcoming community with  a mixture of Whites and Asians races. There are lots of fun activities to do for all ages year in, year out.

In Niche’s ranking, Kensington village was ranked as the best place in New York to start and raise a family. Kensington village offers great opportunities for residents.

County: Nassau county 

Average Weather: 25°/ 18°C

Attractions: The High Line, Williamsburg, Shenanigans Pub, Oceanic Capital, anchor aquarium, Brooklyn Banyan.

Minimum wage: $37.5/hour


It is popularly known as the meeting place of the United Nation. Lake Success offers great educational opportunities with its schools rated in the five best schools in the state.

The village is well equipped with all that is needed for living as individuals or as a family. It’s easily accessed through all transportation means and it is secured with its own police force.

County: Nassau County 

Average Weather: 24°/17°C

Minimum wage: $30/hour


Syosset is a populated place with about 19,000 residents. Over  90% of people living in Syosset has their own houses. Their public schools are rated among the top schools in the state.

In Niche’s ranking in 2024, Syosset High School was rated 12th best in New York and 128th best in the entire country 

Syosset is famous for its popular attractions, great restaurants and beautiful event venues.

It offers job opportunities in health, tech, finance, insurance and scientific industries.

County: Nassau county 

Average Weather: 25°/17°

Minimum wage: $12.5/hour


This is an Urban community located on an island with a population of about 7,000 people living in it. 

According to Niche’s ranking, East Hill is rated as the 14th best place to raise a family in New York, the 15th place with the best public schools in New York and 48th in the whole of America.

It is populated with individuals above 35 years with a high level of education. Its population is a mix of whites, Asians and other races, with whites having the larger percentage.

The village does not have any major shopping venue or nightlife location but it is very close to other towns and cities that offer these services.

County: Nassau county 

Average Weather: 26°/16°C

Minimum wage: $18/hour


Astoria is a dense urban neighborhood popularly known for its wealthy residents and high standard of living. Most residents in this area own their homes.

It is also famous for its Greek restaurants, vintage shopping outlets and contemporary art. It is the initial permanent American settlement and is regarded as one of the oldest cities in New York with a population of over 10,000 people. 

Astoria has four primary and high schools and a college. It is popular for its museum, Victorian homes, fort, and expertise in fishing and local brews.

County: Queens County

Average Weather: 18°/10°C

Attractions: Columbia River Maritime Museum, The Astoria column, Pier 39 Astoria, Oregon Film Museum, Uppertown Firefighters Museum, The Astoria riverwalk.

Minimum wage: $15.5/hour

7. Best Places To Live In New York: JERICHO

Jericho is a populated community with about 14,000 residents. It is a Suburban community with lots of exciting locations including parks and restaurants.

It is popular for its attractions, Highly rated public schools and high standard of living. Its population is a major mix of whites and Asians and a minority of blacks and other races with an average age of forty two years old.

Its public schools are highly rated with high proficiency in mathematics and reading.

County: Nassau County

Average Weather: 26°/14°C

Attractions: Jericho Cider Mill, The Milleridge Village, Active Kidz, Quaker Cemetery, Robbin Lane community Park, Hand and stone spa.

Minimum wage: $16/hour


This list of amazing places to live in New York is inexhaustible. New York has the perfect residential urban, suburban and rural areas that meet your needs and provide you access to various opportunities.

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