Best places to stay in New York

7 Best places to stay in New York 

When trying to stay in New York,it’s also important to know the kind of experience you want when visiting and staying. Whether you are there for the views, delicious delicacies or a visit to the art gallery and museum. All these will determine your staying experience in New York. 

Luckily, this guide is specifically handpicked for you on the best places to stay in New York according to your budget, styles and expectations. 

Below is a list of the 7 seven best places to stay in New York.

7 Best places to stay in New York 

1. Arlo Soho Hotel

2. Moxy New York City

3. Public Hotel- New York

4. Homewood suite New York

5. Pod 51 Hotel

6. Hotel Edison – New York

7. Park Central Hotel, New York

Best places to stay in New York

1: Arlo Soho Hotel 

A best place to stay built with modern facilities and efficient storage structure. The backdrop views from the upper deck.  The staff are friendly and helpful with taking extra care of their customers, always answering questions from customers and acknowledging each patron’s arrival and departure.

Arlo has great amenities like the lobby cafe, convenient stores, restaurants,communal work space,and rooftop bar with beautiful views across the country. The rooms at Arlo are very clean and beds are comfortable, fully conditioned. The properties have the following features it provides to their patrons: free access to WiFi, paid private parking lot, bar/lounge, nightclub DJ, taxi service among many others. 

Location: Hudson Street, New York 

Budget: £221-£389

Business hours: 24-hours service 

2:  Moxy New York City

If you are interested in choosing the right experience, you should visit this hotel. Their staff are very professional who would always go the extra mile to make sure you are okay as a patron.  

You should also go to the magic hour rooftop where you have amazing views of the empire building, have great drinks and listen to fantastic music, which is a perfect ending to your Saturday night. They offer 24 hours service and a front desk.

The rooms are fully air conditioned, furnished with cable TV and flat screen TV, while the properties have free WiFi, fitness classes, laundry and dry cleaning service, 

Location: 7th Avenue, New York 

Budget: £223-£408

Business hours: 24-hours service 

3: Public Hotel- New York

If you desire a simple, classic yet sophisticated way to enjoy your stay, simply look into this hotel. As it gives every attention to its structure and design which makes it a more relaxing and comfortable place to be. 

Their customer service also receives various reactions based on their warm attentiveness, occasional organisation, and the decorations of the hotel makes it more modern style. 

They offer allergy free rooms and are fully conditioned. The properties allow pets into their space, free internet WiFi, fitness centre, bar/lounge and nightclub DJ. 

Location: Chrystie Street, New York 

Budget,: £266-£526

Business hours: 24-hours service

4: Homewood suite New York

A perfect pick- me location where you keep going back for more. This hotel works within your budget and is also built in a lovely location. Their accommodations are super comfortable and quite welcoming.  

The staff are kind and helpful as they always provide new  towels and make your bed a fresh feeling every time you need to go to bed. They offer free drinks and breakfast, allergy free rooms that are fully air conditioned, complimentary toiletries, kitchenette, coffee maker and general housekeeping. 

The properties have: a rooftop terrace, free WiFi, convenience store, baggage storage, and allows your kids to stay for free. (if you have any)

Location: West 37th street, New York 

Budget,: £232-£429

Business hours: 24/7 service 

5: Best places to stay in New York: Pod 51 Hotel

If your expectations focus more on classic style, comfort, and affordable budget, Pod 51 Hotel is your best bet. They offer every room type for various budgets and choices of preference. 

The hotel rooms can be very small but are very clean and well designed to create enough space for you. At the rooftop terrace, you can also have your morning coffee where you can have a better view of the city.

The hotel staff are friendly and professional making sure you settle in comfortably in the hotel and enjoy your stay within their wings. It also provides 24 hours check in and security services, access to free WiFi , taxi service, bar/ lounge and paid public parking lot. 

Location: East 51st Street, New York 

Budget: £164 – £278

Business hours: 24-hours service 

6: Hotel Edison – New York

This hotel is a New York classic art decor hotel with great atmosphere and comfortable rooms, the Rum house, the gym – but what makes this hotel stand out from the competitors is their high level of hospitality, you will always feel welcomed by them even if the city is sometimes unwelcoming. 

Their staff always make sure to make every one of their guests feel welcomed and special. If you have a troubling question about the food or through the hallway, the staff are readily available to help. The beds there are super comfortable, the rooms are also clean and tidy.

This hotel is the centre for all tourist spots and a few minutes walk away from the central park. The hotel also offers free WiFi, bar/lounge, evening entertainment, children television network (if you have any)

Location: West 47th Street, New York 

Budget: £214-£365

Business hours: 24-hours service

7: Park Central Hotel, New York 

If you want to get the best value for your money and also consider the location and comfort, Park Central Hotel is your best destination.  They offer you a comfortable and convenient stay. The rooms are clean and well equipped, sound proofed and fully air conditioned, stand by room service and housekeeping.

The hotel properties offers: 24-hours security services, check in and front desk, free WiFi, conference room, concierge, Laundry and dry cleaning service.  The staff at Park Central Hotel are approachable and professional when it comes to caring for their customers.

Location: 7th Avenue, New York 

Budget: £234-£380

Business hours: 24-hours service 


It’s important to note that part of a hotel experience is how well you get along with their staff and customer service.

I hope this guide has shown you great insights on these handpicked hotels for you to choose where to enjoy your stay, specifically designed for your budget, styles and expectations. 

Whether you are going solo travelling or travelling with family and friends in New York city, do your own research on these hotels to have that memorable experience.

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