7 Best Small Hotels in New York

Embarking on a trip that would demand you sleep out of your home can be very overwhelming. Everyone wants to enjoy the comfort of the home.

But, you do not need to worry about comfort when traveling to New York. 

There are varieties of hotels that will give you comfort, yet very affordable.

Here’s our list of the 7 Best Small Hotels in New York.

7 Best Small Hotels in New York.

1.Hoxton, Williamsburg

2. Ace Hotel, Brooklyn

3. Pendry Manhattan West

4. The Beekman, Financial District

5. The Frederick Hotel, Tribeca

6. Greenwich Hotel Tribeca

7. Arlo, Soho

Best Small Hotels in New York

1. Hoxton, Williamsburg

Have you ever wished to feel like you’re at home when you book a hotel while embarking on a trip? The Hoxton Williamsburg hotel makes you feel at home with their expert services.

From the receptionist to the bar attendant and the rest of the staff. They are trained to give guests a homely treat. 

The ambiance and decor of the hotel gives this luxury vibe which makes it a sought after hotel and one of the most famous hotels in New York City. 

Visitors are served with a cup of coffee in-between, you also have other options to choose from like; Brick chicken and salad.

Location: Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Price ranges: $209 per night

2. Ace Hotel, Brooklyn

The breathtaking views at Ace Hotel makes it outstanding amongst other hotels in Brooklyn, New York City. 

The fascinating features are everything you would look out for in a hotel, from the gym to the coffee bar and the luxury rooms.

The rooms are decorated and equipped with luxury sofas made with stylish wood, the creatively constructed windows give you a perfect view of the cozy environment.

The lobby and every corner of the hotel is attractive and has a classy appearance.

Location: Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, New York 

Price ranges: $279 per night 

3. Pendry Manhattan West

Expect an array of enticing dining options as you walk through the doors of Pendry Manhattan West Hotel. Visitors are served breakfast at the Garden room.

If you are a lover of cocktails then you would be excited you didn’t miss visiting here, you would be served with a specially made cocktail at breakfast.

Fitness kits are an outstanding feature of the Pendry Manhattan West Hotel. Visitors are offered the opportunity to explore the fitness equipment by visiting the gym section at the hotel. They have gym kits like; Peloton bikes and TechnoGym equipment.

Location: W 33rd St, New York.

Price ranges: $676 per night

4. The Beekman, Financial District

This is a nine story building with different rooms. The breathtaking views and amazing ambiance of the environment makes it look classy.

You would be amazed by the luxury equipment and decor found here. The hotel is known for its exceptional design, from the maze of gold and brown balconies to the enchanting style and color of the ceiling – everything looks so perfect.

Their services are next to none- the welcoming receptionist to the caring room attendant, all staff are professional and deliver efficiently.

Dinner time is more enchanting at Temple Court and The Bar Room by Chef Tom Colicchio, plus Le Gratin by Chef Daniel Boulud.

Location: Nassau St, New York.

Price ranges: $239 per night

5. The Frederick Hotel, Tribeca

The massive renovation of The Frederick Hotel brought about a lot of amazing features you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Choose one out of the 130 luxury rooms at The Frederick Hotel Tribeca, and enjoy an adventurous stay on your next visit. The vibes of the room, expensive couch, colorful equipment and everything in it depicts its standard.

Expect an array of sumptuous meals on the food menu. They aim to satisfy guests’ cravings with their expertly prepared dishes.

If you want to enjoy every bit of the activities at The Frederick Hotel Tribeca, ensure that your budget should suit your style.

Location: W Broadway, New York

 Price ranges: $195 per night

6. Greenwich Hotel Tribeca

Luxury, class and enjoyment are the core features of the Greenwich Hotel Tribeca. Holiday is a time to ease off stress, have a lot of good meals and explore other exciting activities– you would find all of these features as you walk into the Greenwich Hotel Tribeca.

Talk about the sumptuous meals on the menu, if you are not disciplined you would want to have a taste of everything without minding your diet.

As you walk through the doors of Greenwich Hotel Tribeca, be assured that you are diving into a world of luxury. There is a drawing room, an open air courtyard and a service spa.

Let’s talk about other features like the underground pool and fitness center. Everything in Greenwich Hotel speaks of its class and luxury.

Location: Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Price ranges: $948 per night

7. Best Small Hotels in New York: Arlo, Soho

If quality and class is a top priority for you then your budget should match your taste if you are visiting this restaurant.

The Panasonic views and cozy environment at Arlo, Soho is everything you would look out for in a luxury hotel. Imagine learning a skill during a vacation — here, you are offered the opportunity to learn the act of stirring and straining.

Dining time is always on a look out for — whether you are craving for cheese or chicken, they’ve got something sumptuous for everyone. Sweet potatoes and Blistered peppers are also a top meal on the menu.

Location: Hudson St, New York.

price ranges: $201 per night


You do not need to worry any more about feeling uncomfortable when you next plan a visit to New York City.

Our curated list of the 7 Best small hotels in New York will serve to guide you in choosing a hotel that matches your class and budget.

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