Best Spas In New York

7 Best Spas In New York

Not sure where to get the best Spa sessions that are worth the value of your money? 

Worry less, because in this article, we will walk you through the easy route of selecting the right Spa sessions and locations you need for better relaxation.

Below are the top 7 best Spas in the city of New York.

7 Best Spas In New York

1: The Aire Ancient Baths -New York

2: Allure Day Spa And Hair Design 

3: The Grand Central Bodywork

4: Thai Massage Village Spa – New York 

 5:Oasis Day Spa – New York 

6: Renew Day Spa

7: Guerlain Spa

Best Spas In New York

1:  Aire Ancient Baths – New York

Looking for a place with the best massaging experience? Aire Baths is your next stop. The moment you walk into the reception till the end is an outstanding, peaceful and relaxing experience all over you. 

The ambience is quite comfy and everywhere is not over crowded which also makes it another perfect choice. 

They have friendly and efficient staff to make your visit more enjoyable and fun. Their hot stone massage on different temperatures will help put your body at ease. The spa’s change room post treatment have been equipped with hair blow-dryer, hair brushes. 

The services they offer includes: stone massage, couple massage, Himalayan bath salt massage, love connection 45’, 60’and 90’, Escape together 45’, 60’, love myself and many more.

Location: Franklin Street, New York

Business hours: 

Sundays – Fridays 8:00 AM -12:00 AM 

Saturday- Closed 

Budget: £303 – £1,358

2. Allure Day Spa And Hair Design 

This Spa is a definition of “we are here for business, try us out”.  The professionalism of the staff, from the front desk shows they know what they are doing. They have great masseuses and would always treat you as a patron to a glass of champagne which is like a tradition to them.  

A top level spa, ranging from their excellent customer service to the amenities that smells nothing but luxury a spa can offer.

Their services are: Massage, Facial, Manicure and Pedicure , Hot Stone Massage. 

If you have been to many Spas before but your expectations were otherwise, worry less as this is the best recommendation you have to go to check out and have a wonderful massage experience. 

Location:  Midtown Manhattan,New York 

Business hours:

 Mondays-Fridays 10:30-7:00

Saturdays-Sundays 10:00-6:00

Budget: £135-£555

3. The Grand Central Bodywork

A luxury massage Spa with professional therapists to give you as their patron, an unforgettable experience. Whether you are experiencing stiffness of the bone or feel pains in your muscles, this is your go to service spa.  

This Spa staff are very friendly, good and efficient where you are provided with the best therapeutic massage. They offer you a glass of champagne

Still nervous getting your first massage? Worry less. Your experience is worth your penny.

Location: Midtown, New York 

Budget: £80-£560 (depends on the mins)

Business hours:

Mondays-Fridays 11 :00 AM- 9:00 PM 

Sundays-Saturdays 10:00 AM -8:00 PM 

4. Thai Massage Village Spa – New York 

A modern , classic Thai spa specifically made for your massage needs. Spa decor and Ambience are beautiful to take amazing photos. This kind of spa/massage is very rare as your body gets to relax greatly. 

Their masseuses are highly skilled, helping your muscles get calm and making you book another session. 

They offer services like: deep tissue, Thai massage, hot stone massage.

This place is just where you should visit,by giving your body a little love because it’s worth every penny.

Location: Madison avenue, New York 

Budget: £80 and above 

Opening hours

Saturdays -Sundays 10:30 AM : 7:30 PM

5. Oasis Day Spa – New York 

The Spa is situated in a nice and accessible environment. Their staff are attentive to detail to notice what their patron needs.

Their men and women changing rooms have different facilities like the sauna, showers and personal lockers.  The spa customers are provided with a robe to change into and a pair of sandals. 

They can also relax after their treatment in the relaxation room and be treated to herbal tea and snacks to munch on. They offer acupuncture, dry salt therapy, aromatherapy, Swedish massage, body detox contouring treatment, manicure and pedicure,  among many others.

Location: Park Avenue, New York 

Budget: £190 – £600

Opening hours:

Sundays-Saturdays 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM 

6. Best Spas In New York: Renew Day Spa

Spa with a very warm atmosphere where its staff are unarguably the best, especially the masseuses. The decor are specifically designed for their patrons mood. This spa is an excellent avenue of experiencing relaxation and some fantastic pampering (you deserve to be taken care of). 

The therapists here are very professional and friendly, to know which will suit your needs at the moment and also try to feed you enough information on what you are using.  

After your massage, you can also decide to relax and take some tea and snacks to munch on. The prices of their service are on the high side but it’s absolutely worthwhile. 

They offer: Express Spa Treatment, body wrap, Swedish massage, chair massage, foot reflexology, body work, etc. You should check out this Spa as their customer service and reviews will always make you go back for more after your first visit. 

Location: Downtown Manhattan, New York

Budget: £65-£180

Opening hours:

Sundays-Saturdays 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

7.  Guerlain Spa

The guerlain spa is an urban wellness sanctuary where their elaborate amenities helps their therapists to provide more personalised facials, harmonising massage, special body therapies among various services they render.

The Aesthetician understands each treatment according to the patron body needs.

They offer facial massage, body waxing, and other packages

Location: Central Park South, New York 

Budget: £220-£600

Opening hours:

Mondays-Friays 9:00 AM -9:00 PM 

Sataturdays 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Sundays 10:00 AM -7:00 PM 


This article has given you great insights about the best Spa sessions that you should visit. They not only care about you but strive to offer you their best service at affordable prices, making a great session within their arms. 

You should love yourself more by treating yourself to wonderful spa sessions.

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